The Bell Company
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Mechanical and Plumbing Industry Leader

A business website showcasing Bell's leading mechanical and plumbing industry work and news.

Advanced filtering, enhanced user experience

Bell has a broad geographic scope and works with a wide range of verticals. To enhance the user experience, it was important to give site visitors the ability to easily filter and pinpoint projects in Bell's ever-growing portfolio.

Aggregating and optimizing Bell’s news

Bell’s news, press releases and community involvement were spread throughout its previous site. After evaluating and optimizing extra steps within the user experience, we were able to aggregate and arrange the various news sources on a single page. Some sections are automated with conditional visibility based on CMS presence/absence data.

Responsive and viewable for all screen sizes

Both website and mobile user experience are vital for any business. Viewing a site on the go has become the norm, and we wanted to ensure that Bell was able to display its expertise on all web and mobile screen sizes.

Robust CMS and reference linkings

​With multi-referencing allocations of projects, detailed summaries, and contact methods on each Bell subsidiary page, they became much more effective and interesting. Having both individual calls to action and relevant references adds valuable organizational improvements compared to a singularly shared contact form on brief subsidiary pages. The goal is to clearly inform and funnel the user to contact the appropriate subsidiary with relevant information in mind.

In with the new

​We revamped the Bell site with more enticing: 

  • Visuals
  • Layouts
  • Typography

The result is a more memorable online presence.Paired with the addition of responsiveness, the site is now built to thrive even more in the digital realm.

Poised for growth

Over the span of eight decades, the Bell Company has become one of the leading mechanical and plumbing contractors on the East Coast. With custom designs and content, Dwaiter crafted a sleek online user experience to position Bell for continued growth.

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