Thalassa Journeys
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A platform for extraordinary journeys

A business website showcasing Thalassa’s adventurous and enriching cultural tours and cruises.

Leveraging Thalassa Journeys' expertise

Thalassa Journeys is an industry-leading travel business with a variety of land and cruise tours. Our main goal was to showcase the abundance of history, amenities and experiences in an informative and enticing way, highlighting Thalassa Journeys' expertise and flexible capabilities.

Advanced filtering to guide prospects

Thalassa Journeys offers an array of deciding factors for travelers who are choosing their next adventure. Each traveler has individual desires and expectations.

Whether you would like to explore a specific location in Greece via land or sea, tour with your favorite travel expert(s), or simply choose a season and/or theme, letting options present themselves, Thalassa Journeys' tour listing page offers a dynamic filter nav that can help pinpoint the perfect options.

Robust reference linkings

Each tour offered by Thalassa Journeys has its own lecturers, unique itinerary, categorized themes, transportation and memorable experiences. Dwaiter optimized the complex information needed to be shared with site visitors while giving Thalassa Journeys the ability to flexibly add, display, and relocate text and images.

Written once, and the site handles the rest

Dwaiter has put together a robust back-end CMS that is simple to use for Thalassa Journeys' editors. When populated, information is clearly displayed on the site in perspective sections with conditional logic, showing consumers what they want and need to see and know.

Responsive for all screen sizes

Thalassa Journeys needed a website that draws potential clients from anywhere, and it was necessary for the site to reflect the details and essence of each of the journeys listed. The responsive site offers an informative and friendly user experience. Among other features, we built funneling paths to lead viewers to contact and/or make reservations with confidence.

Two previous sites, one new result

Thalassa Journeys came to Dwaiter with a desire to merge two travel-based websites into a single site that combined the best UX and features from each. Both sites were dynamic and consisted of similarities such as cruises and lectures, which served as a base for the new site. After a full design and custom development process, in-depth analysis of existing features, and fine-tuning for the best results, Dwaiter delivered to Thalassa Journeys a powerful new platform to market its unique travel experiences.

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