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A World-Class Mobile eSports Experience

An immersive dashboard for eSports schedules, bios, and more.

Making content personalized and focused

Splyce wanted a dashboard-style UI that gives users a quick overview of all content while providing a way to personalize and bring focus to what’s important. We did this by dividing the homepage into three major sections: personalized news, events and dynamic feed.

Putting pro teams in the spotlight

A team is the sum of its talented players, so we gave each one a personal profile page that enables users to follow the player through related articles and a live Twitter feed. The visual design capitalized on great game graphics to present a high-impact display for each team and its players. We added user profile properties—icons and custom graphics—to create a visual experience.

Providing a better reading experience

Since news articles are integral to teams and the games that users follow, we employed them as modular components that can be included across the site. In order to make this approach effective, we created a modular card UI to encompass articles’ essential properties such as images, author profile image, summary and more. These cards serve as the building blocks that can be displayed to create news components within different sections of the website. Articles were designed with larger type and enhanced layout tailored to better readability.

Personalizing the experience

Set Favorites
  1. We designed a personalization engine that helps users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
Get Suggestions
  1. Based on what users like, Splyce can suggest stories and events.


Dwaiter is a very professional and talented group. They helped us redesign our website, adding clarity, beauty and logic. By working with them, Splyce was able to take many huge steps forward towards our ultimate goal. What a gem for Rochester NY!

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