RIT - Virtual Campus
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Connected. Personal. Content-Rich.

Bringing a community of diverse and dynamic students online to discover, connect, and collaborate.

The Challenge

Bringing Rochester Institute of Technology's vast on-campus resources online is an incredible challenge. To create a cohesive and easy-to-use virtual campus, we put users' needs at the core of the experience.

Rich content at your finger tips

The virtual campus brought a wealth of rich content to online students. Viewable by categories, students can find research documents, video sessions, image galleries, and more.

A global community

We designed a system for students to connect with peers from every corner of the world. In addition, real-time count of visitors' regions helped bring context and transparency.

Facilitating discussions

To engage and encourage students to participate in discussing their experiences, we designed forums that allowed for rich discussions that are helpful for the whole student community.

Real-time concierge

One of the biggest challenges for online learners is getting real-time help. A dedicated concierge system was designed to remedy the problem and provide users with an engaging help system.

Video promotion

To showcase all the powerful features within the RIT virtual campus, we created a motion graphics video tour.​

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