On For Friday
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Reimagining the Social Network

A dating social network made for people to connect based on mutual interest.

Connecting people based on shared interests

On For Friday is a startup seeking to redefine online dating by focusing on social networking and sharing. We worked with their team from early strategy brainstorming through to UX, visual design and development.

Focusing the experience

The core experience is all about discovering others with similar interests. The posts are key and must be visually engaging, informative and versatile.

Adapting to the content

Posts can consist of many different combinations of content types and can also be viewed at different sizes. To achieve this, we designed and developed a flexible card component with properties that can be adjusted depending on size.

Facilitating connections

Users maintain a collection of favorites that enable them to follow other people and topics, and in turn lead to discovering new people, places and activities. We mapped out the paths that users might take to add favorites and then discover more content.


The strategy phase revealed that the core users would be mobile-first, so we focused the design on the mobile experience and expanded from there to optimize for the larger screen sizes. Our modular approach to the UI design makes it easy to hone the UX based on user feedback. It also allows for the scalability that startups need.


Dwaiter took our vision and turned it into a reality. Their dedication to the project made it feel like they were part of our team.

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