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Rebuilding Ikoniq as a Leader in Custom Construction

A responsive site designed and developed to showcase Ikoniq's work with the NFL, MLB, NHL and more.

Leveraging the brand power of Ikoniq's clients

Ikoniq is an industry-leading builder of carts, kiosks and containers for many of the country’s largest stadiums, concert halls and amusement parks. Our main goal was to showcase the abundance of products and projects in a visually enticing way, and market the businesses that Ikoniq has worked with in the past.

Planning and prioritizing features

Ikoniq's website needed to be rebuilt entirely to make it responsive, faster, and easier to update with content. We worked with their team to streamline navigation, organize their products, determine technology integration specifics, and prioritize content so that time was spent in those areas that provided the greatest return on investment for Ikoniq.

Giving Ikoniq control of its content

Each project is fully customizable within our CMS, and it allows Ikoniq staff to put together their own case studies with the content they choose. Testimonials, image carousels, tags, text and more can be added to each project with the option to push it live instantly or keep it in draft mode until it's ready to be published.

Developing an incremental search

We designed and developed an incremental search and real-time suggestions for users to progressively search for and filter through Ikoniq's tags, projects and news. As the user types text in a query, one or more possible matches are found and immediately presented. Using the CMS, Ikoniq can add to any project tags that are searchable and easily discovered by visitors and potential clients.

Defining a consistent visual identity

To ensure we stayed consistent and within Ikoniq's branding, we defined a number of user interface components to be implemented across all pages. The design is fully modular and set in a variety of layouts to work well on desktop and touch devices.

Built to last

Beyond the design, we took the lead in developing a robust, user-friendly content management system for Ikoniq. The CMS is license-free and uses the Django open-source framework written in Python. Ikoniq has complete control of all the content on its site and can manage projects from the admin easily and securely.

Optimized design across all devices

Ikoniq needed a digital platform to draw potential clients from anywhere, and it was necessary the site reflected the custom flexibility of the firm's products. The responsive site offers full functionality on mobile and is tailored to work on any screen size. Among other features, we built a visual crop tool to customize the way the images scale down from desktop to mobile.


Together, we designed and built the entire site in eight weeks' worth of effort. And as always, we tied in Google Analytics to measure the value of the new site and improve its success over time. Staying up-to-date in SEO is an ongoing effort and a key component of our post-launch strategy.

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