Gary Lewis & The Playboys
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Following the Music, Staying Tuned

A business website showcasing the life, recordings and upcoming performances of a music industry legend

The Timeline

Gary Lewis has been a top act in the music business for over 50 years. With many years of content to work with, Dwaiter analyzed, cleanly organized and accessibly displayed the history of his music. 

Bringing the experience to life online

Five decades of music transformed into a simple and robust website.

Giving fans swift access to the music

An artist's goal is to produce great music and to share it with fans. With that in mind, we created a timeline-based scrolling navigation that offers an organized listing of Gary Lewis & The Playboys albums – with release dates, song listings and a way to purchase the music. 

Bringing the art of music to life visually

Dwaiter explored footage taken during live performances and created a montage to add more life to the page. Merging several clips into one infinite auto-playing video offers continuous engagement to the viewer as well as a visually pleasing aesthetic for the website.

Effectively highlighting what's next

Communicating with fans and keeping them up-to-date is a crucial need in the live performance industry. Dwaiter created an effective full-schedule design and a feature that displays upcoming live performances on the site's home page.


We enjoyed working with the team at Dwaiter. They were thorough, & attentive to our needs. They completely understood our concept and concerns. They built an exciting, colorful website which is very user-friendly. Now even smartphone users tell me they are able to access all the pages quickly.

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