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A Creativity Handbook to Combat Hate

An iOS and Android app giving people learning resources and social media tools to spread a positive message online.

Executing RIT’s Design Vision

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) came to us with designs for an app and asked us to develop it in such a way that the finished product would be a pixel-perfect match to their designs. It was critical that the app feel fluid, polished and native to the platform (iOS or Android).

The Ex-Out App

Ex-Out is an educational app that teaches people how to spread a positive message online, and the app has a built-in social media image builder for kickstarting your campaign. The dozens of lessons and tutorials within the app take you from beginner to expert in crafting a message online, and the image builder provides a fun way to share stylized photos to promote your cause.

The Handbook

The handbook provides a rich, in-depth course on how to craft and promote an online campaign. It covers everything from the very basics to advanced techniques, and provides stunning visuals that make it a pleasure to peruse.

The Image Builder

Ex-Out has a fun and incredibly easy to use image builder that allows users to quickly generate images to support their social media campaigns. You can use photos you take or use the photos and gradient backgrounds included in the app for free. Once you have a photo selected, the image builder lets you colorize it with bold, two-toned color themes and type a message on top of it.

Developed on Flutter

We developed the app using the Flutter UI toolkit so that it would feel native, while still being able to share most of code between iOS and Android. Some parts of the app needed platform-specific code, for example, to take a photo within the image builder. For those parts, we wrote native code in Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

Try It Out

The app is currently available on iOS and Android, so feel free to download it and play around!

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