Carestream Ascend
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A Fresh Experience For New Products

An interactive tool to help users easily configure X-ray machines while keeping them engaged.

Explore and configure a new line of medical products

Carestream asked us to create an engaging experience for customers to discover their newest line of X-ray equipment. We created an experience that starts users at the first product tier and encourages them to ascend and explore the higher tiers.

Mirroring a real-world experience

Climbing a mountain was the perfect metaphor to use to reinforce this kind of experience. Users begin the journey with an introduction to the product line on the welcome page; from there, they travel up a valley toward the base of the mountain. To help provide the sense of ascension, the normal scrolling behavior is reversed on the welcome page. Users start at the bottom and scroll up.

Unconventional UX

Care is required when fiddling with well-established UX conventions, but with a simplified page, clear prompts and a focused experience, the results can be very effective. To drive the concept of ascending, we used scrolling as an interaction metaphor, which helps capture users' interest immediately.

A new way to discover medical products

The four products in the Ascend line start with the film system and rise in sophistication, effectiveness and cost. The product listing screen is designed as a mountain with each of the four products located at different summits ascending to the peak. 

Interactive Configuration

Once a product is selected, users can customize different components to suit their needs and zoom in and pan to see additional details. This approach helped users stay engaged and reduced the bounce rate for Carestream Ascend.

Carestream takes silver in RBJ Best of the Web

Recognized for its innovative interaction design and immersive experience, Carestream was awarded the silver award for the best overall website at the Rochester Business Journal’s annual Best of the Web Awards.

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