Bully Hill Vineyards
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Building an Effective Vineyard Website

A vineyard website showcasing Bully Hill's excellent wine and beautiful artwork.

Art as authentic as the wine inside the bottle

Bully Hill originated as the second passion of Walter S. Taylor, who wanted to control the quality and integrity that had driven the family's winemaking for generations. Walter's first passion, however, was painting, and this has carried through to Bully Hill, giving it a rich and vibrant culture. When we visited the winery and viewed the collection of Walter's artwork in the gallery, we knew immediately that we needed to bring this colorful and quirky aesthetic to the new website—to set it apart from competitors and pay homage to the art that was so much a part of Bully Hill's heritage.

Explore the collection from sweet to dry

With a full range of wine selection offered by Bully Hill, we implemented an intuitive interface to demonstrate sweet to dryness level. This made it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

The weather at your fingertips

To help Bully Hill customers plan their trip to the winery, we created a weather station that displays real-time weather conditions there.

Drive foot traffic

A main goal of the new website was to get more people to visit the Bully Hill estate. The Finger Lakes landscape is breathtaking, and there is plenty to do there. By using the beautifully painted Bully Hill mural front-and-center and linking the five website sections to corresponding buildings depicted in the mural, the digital connection to the physical location is always present.

Secure e-commerce solution

Selling products online requires superior usability and security. We designed an intuitive experience for shoppers backed by secure credit-card processing and the latest PCI standards in place.

Bully Hill takes gold in RBJ Best of the Web

Recognized for its innovative design and comprehensive features, Bully Hill Vineyards was awarded the gold award for the best overall website at the Rochester Business Journal’s annual Best of the Web Awards.

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