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Transforming the Freelance Market

Platform for connecting freelancers with businesses on a per-project basis.

Defining a unique business model

Boonle came to Dwaiter as a small startup with big ideas. To start, we worked closely with Boonle to develop a deep understanding of their business and what they wanted to achieve. Next, we began to explore how Boonle could connect freelancers with small businesses on design-based projects. Together, we outlined a platform that would build this symbiotic relationship between users and over time flip the freelancing market upside down.

Exploring the relationship between users, content, and navigation

Before diving into the design, we created a sitemap to align Boonle’s goals with the proposed content and structure of the new site. As part of the strategy phase, the sitemap served as an effective planning tool to understand and discuss how users would navigate the site both publicly and privately.

A platform for open collaboration

Creating a platform for freelancers and businesses required a unique signup process to differentiate users and tailor the experience to meet their needs. We designed and developed a secure method for users to join Boonle and easily connect with others. Our focus was to facilitate this relationship with a platform to collaborate from the start of every project.

Reinforcing the unique connection between freelancers and businesses

The overlapping circles in the logo represent each type of user and the close relationship among them. We worked with Boonle to create an identity that resonated with users and reflected the relationship that is at the heart of their brand.

Blueprints for the future

Our next step was to visualize the hierarchy and structure we established in the strategy phase. The wireframes helped our team and the Boonle team view the layout and navigation in a more familiar setting. At this stage, we worked through multiple iterations to ensure the user experience accurately reflected the sitemap we created before moving on to the visual design phase.

A payment structure for businesses, freelancers and Boonle

Boonle needed a financial platform for freelancers to receive payment from clients, with Boonle retaining a percentage of each transaction. To accomplish this, we developed the web app with seamless PayPal integration. The platform encourages good tipping by displaying the client's average tip amount on their public profile. It also encourages high-quality work by displaying the number of projects, appreciations, reviews and reputation level on the freelancer's public profile.

Build a unique portfolio, gain valuable experience, and get paid

Freelancers accumulate money on Boonle by getting tips. They can see a detailed report of their earnings and transfer funds to their PayPal account at any time with the click of a button.

Securely share, sync, and collaborate

Version History
  1. Users can also maintain complete control over each file with a customized version history that we designed and developed specifically for Boonle.

Watermark Visuals
  1. When your business involves copyrighted images, watermarking is key. Users can easily add logos or copyright text to every image.

Prepared for launch

In only a few weeks, we were able to partner with Boonle to brand their company, refine their business model and design a new website for a niche target market. The content management system we developed will enable Boonle to grow and maintain control over their content. By taking the time to clarify the company strategy and how Boonle works, we were able to provide a web solution that will be the single largest factor in generating a long-term return on investment for Boonle.


Dwaiter effectively matched what I envisioned this site to look like. Every time they completed a deliverable, I became more excited about the launch of Boonle. I was curious to see how they would incorporate the different colors for each user type and it's perfect. Dwaiter exceeded my expectations on both design and efficiency.

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