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Introducing a new Adventive

Designing the web presence of a pioneer within the digital ad space!

Why Adventive?

Our challenge was to present Adventive on the web in a matter worthy of who they are and what they do. An industry leader, Adventive is trusted by one-third of the top US media publishers to power their digital advertising.

A Richer Visual Experience

We worked closely with the Adventive team to understand their goals, new brand, and mission. We challenged ourselves to capture the essence of who they really are by designing a tailored experience and handcrafted custom graphics.

Designing in Systems

Good design builds harmonious and comprehensive systems that can scale over time to the match the growth of a given experience. Our approach was to bring consistency and extendibility to the visual system.

A Simpler Architecture

Creating a better user experience starts with a simpler architecture that can help users navigate the website with ease and find the most important information they seek quickly. We worked closely with Adventive to understand their users' priorities to build seamless yet focused user flows.

Advanced Gallery Experience

Adventive needed a robust ad gallery to showcase the range of ad experience made using their platform. We created a three-tier dropdown solution with a vast variety of ad combinations, allowing the user to pinpoint key factors such as format, type, and platform type. This allowed for fast and accurate findings.  

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