How Flauntly by Dwaiter Was Born

"After working at Google for a couple of years, the lesson that resonated with me most is that the act of building digital tools by itself was not enough. To make a huge difference in people’s lives, tools must be intuitive and easy to use. When I rejoined Dwaiter in 2015, I was on a mission to apply this lesson using our team’s skills and talent."

Ali Ali - Director and Principal Designer


Landing Pages Made Simple

Today, we are announcing the full initial release of Flauntly, a powerful new tool to build high-quality landing pages. What’s special about Flauntly? As you probably guessed, it’s quick and easy to use!


The Birth of Flauntly

As a design agency, Dwaiter has built dozens of websites for clients ranging from small, family-owned firms to large, global corporations. Frequently, clients wanted the ability to create standalone webpages. So, we decided to build a tool that would allow them—and anyone else—to do so.

Simple With Purpose

Flauntly is not the first app designed to build standalone pages, also known as landing pages. These pages play an important role in online marketing by putting the sole focus on specific goals such as generating leads and boosting conversion rates. No diversions. No other options. Just inform and get the user to take the single action presented.

But the landing page builders already on the market were overly complex and cumbersome.

"Heeding the lesson from Google, we sought to reduce complexity and shorten the learning curve. Our goal was clear: make the experience of creating a high-quality landing page as fast and as simple as possible."

Ali Ali - Director and Principal Designer

No Coding Necessary

For starters, we believed users shouldn’t have to know how to code a webpage. We built Flauntly so they can create landing pages visually—with no programming required. To do this right, we knew we had to make informed decisions about the user experience. So, we launched the beta version of Flauntly in the summer of 2017, and asked friends and clients to give it a try. Their feedback was incredibly valuable.

Learning From Users

Based on the beta users' initial comments and suggestions, we redesigned and rebuilt key parts of Flauntly. The full released Flauntly 1.0 includes a number of new features including:

Seamless Single-view

A seamless single-view experience (no page refresh needed)

Optimized User Interface

An optimized user interface that’s even more intuitive and easy to use


Autosave progress

Wider Range of Components

A wider range of components

New Features
Custom Domain

Custom domain integration

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration

Email Marketing

Email marketing form integration

Flauntly for Teams

Flauntly for Teams (allowing multiple users in a company or organization to collaborate)

Getting Started Made Simple

First-time Flauntly users find there’s very little learning curve. Very soon, they can be building landing pages in minutes. Here are a few reasons why Flauntly is so easy to use:

What Makes Flauntly Easy

It’s modular
Like Legos! Flauntly offers a set of building blocks, which can be used to assemble a variety of pages with unique designs. The modular approach helps make the pages work seamlessly across all screen dimensions.

No fluff
Flauntly is simple by design. No wading through dozens of extraneous options to find the ones you need. We even selected the best fonts for most use cases so you don’t have to guess. If a feature makes the landing page more effective or makes building the landing page easier, it’s there or is in the works.

Working together
In many companies and organizations, it’s essential for a number of people to collaborate effectively. Flauntly for Teams makes this possible.

With the full release of Flauntly, we will continue to monitor user feedback and work on updates. The next big feature already under development is Templates. This will help unlock users’ creativity and enable them to publish their landing pages even faster.

Simply Share

We’re excited about finding new ways to make Flauntly even better. But we won’t ever forget Rule No. 1: Keep it simple and easy to use.

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