Zuckerberg vs. Cook

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April 29, 2021


How Zuckerberg and Cook Became Foes

The chief executives of Facebook and Apple have opposing visions for the future of the internet. Their differences escalated this week, the New York Times reports: On Monday, Apple released a new privacy feature that requires iPhone owners to explicitly choose whether to let apps like Facebook track them across other apps.


Digital Advertising Is Booming—and Broadening

Google made nearly $44.7 billion in ad revenue in the first quarter, and Facebook reported more than $25.4 billion. But the booming digital ad business is no longer just a two-company race, Protocol Source Code reports. Microsoft (with Bing and LinkedIn) and Amazon (which reports today) also are strong competitors.


A Bet on Gamified Commerce in the U.S.

In China, many major e-commerce companies have added mini-games to their apps over the last several years in order to draw in repeat customers. Now, live auction app Tophatter is trying to bring the phenomenon to the U.S., Modern Retail reports.


The Cloudy Forecast for Cities

The future of cities looks more uncertain than at any other time in recent memory. The MIT Technology Review says this much is clear: Technology will be a huge part of that story. Whether or not that’s a good thing is ... complicated.



How Higher Ed Can Narrow the Digital Divide

America has a digital literacy problem—too many parents and kids are not adept with computer operation, software use, or how to conduct business or learn via the internet. Government Technology says community and technical colleges are particularly well-suited to partnering with governments to bring broadband and digital literacy to underserved urban and rural communities.


Is Your Website Effective? This AI Can Tell You 

In the works at Adobe is Project Catchy Content, an AI that can analyze online content, from the photography to the written tone, and tell you if people will engage with it or not—and why. It's an analytic tool that reaches a lot deeper than existing options such as Google Analytics or Parse.ly, Fast Company reports.


The Clear Value of the Digital ‘Pivot’

The past year has made the ability to pivot and innovate—despite supply chain, workforce, and economic disruptions—an absolute business necessity, writes Ayman Sayed, CEO of BMC Software, on Fortune. He says we’re seeing increased innovation in how companies operate, all built on technology investments with “incredible stories of reinvention that attest to the importance of the pivot for future success.”


HD Audio Might Be the Next Big Thing

High-definition music is quickly moving from a boutique service to a standard offering. But it comes at a cost, and won't be for everyone, RouteNote reports.


What the Fonts of the Top 1,000 Websites Reveal

After Michael Li, an entrepreneur and data scientist with stints at Foursquare, Google and elsewhere, sold his data-science startup, he started playing with web design and searched for data on the top 1,000 websites to help guide his design decisions. Writing on Dribbble, he describes what he learned about fonts, typeface sizes, font weights and more. 


Flying Cookies

What to do when Girl Scout cookie orders are down 50 percent due to lower foot traffic caused by the pandemic? Wing, the drone unit of Google-parent Alphabet, is testing a solution, Axios reports: It is teaming up with a Girl Scout troop in Christiansburg, Va., to offer airborne delivery of Thin Mints, Samoas and other cookies (see video).

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