Why the Internet Is Vulnerable

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May 27, 2021


Online Security: Missing from the Start

Illustration by Santeri Viinamäki

The internet was not built with security in mind. As it grew, attempts to strengthen security were stymied because of cost, shortsightedness, and competing interests. Now, the dynamics of digital insecurity, ransomware, and related threats are eerily similar to the global public health dynamics before the pandemic, Zeynep Tufekci writes in The Atlantic.


What Your Personal Data Is Worth to Hackers

Though data breaches can be a national security threat, the vast majority are about money, and more than half are committed by organized criminal groups, writes Ravi Sen on The Conversation. Stolen data often ends up being sold on the dark web, and its value can vary widely.


Why Interest in Podcasting Is Surging

Who says the podcast market is saturated? Recently, some of the world’s largest tech companies have made podcasting a priority, Big Technology reports. Behind this surge of interest is an increasing recognition that podcasting has far more room for growth than many anticipated.


That NFT You Bought—Do You Really Own It?

The market for non-fungible tokens is booming, despite a general lack of comprehension of how they actually work. Writing on The Block, Avadhoot Kulkarni says it's important to understand the technology–and the risks–behind ownership.



How Governments Disrupt Internet Access

Internet shutdowns have become a common tool that governments use to repress free speech, curtail access to information, and punish protest. In 2020 alone, 29 countries restricted access to the web at least 155 times. The experts who spoke to Rest of World say governments use a combination of tactics to limit internet access.


How to Measure Content Marketing ROI 

In a recent survey, only 36 percent of marketers said they were satisfied with their company’s ability to measure the success of content marketing. Content has a huge impact across all stages of the customer journey, but you can’t capture ROI with a simple attribution model on Day 1; it requires a multistep model, the Content Strategist reports.


Florence Nightingale, Data Viz Wiz

Florence Nightingale was a fierce advocate of public health—and she used sophisticated graphic design to make her case, Fast Company says. Her ability to compose eye-catching, understandable, and persuasive charts that depicted things such as soldier mortality rates grabbed the attention of Queen Victoria and Parliament, and pushed officials to require more sanitary treatment conditions, saving lives in the process.


The Hottest New Note-Taking Apps

The last year has given rise to a new type of note-taking application, the bi-directional note-linking application—a better way to connect notes. But note-linking isn’t the only innovation in the note-taking space; others include wiki portals, idea connection wizards and even task scores. On Medium, Francesco D'Alessio reviews five of the hottest new note-taking applications.


How to Get More Followers on Instagram

These days, most brands want to get more Instagram followers fast. But how? The days of shortcuts like buying followers or using bots are over. Nevertheless, HootSuite reports, the ways to add followers abound. 


Catching Up with the Jetsons

In “The Jetsons” cartoon show from the 1960s, George Jetson transports his family in a flying car. Then George, his wife Jane and their two kids zip off to go about their days. That sci-fi utopia might be close at hand with Velocopter’s four-seater, all-electric VoloCity air taxi designed for longer commutes into the city, Mashable reports.

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