Who Is Andy Jassy?

Dwaiter Weekly


February 4, 2021


Meet the Next Amazon CEO


Named this week as successor to Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy has spent more than two decades absorbing lessons from Bezos, the New York Times reports. As a young executive, he spent 18 months shadowing Bezos, learning to become a "brain double" for Amazon's founder. Fast Company has compiled a list of six other things to know about Jassy.


Sitting Can Be Healthy, Too

Led by RIT alums Austin McChord and Nicholas Conn, Casana has raised more than $16 million in funding with the aim of reducing the annual $219 billion spent on cardiovascular disease in the U.S. through regular monitoring that can help catch problems earlier and keep patients healthier, especially those over 65, Forbes reports. How does the firm, formerly known as Heart Health Intelligence, plan to do it? With a smart toilet seat.


Why Website Design Truly Matters

Research shows it takes only 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website. And 94 percent of those first impressions are design-related, says Website Builder Expert, whose 2021 Web Design Trends and Statistics report predicts this will be a year for a user-first approach to web design.


The Two Sides of Robinhood 

Robinhood pitched itself to investors as the antithesis of Wall Street. What it didn’t say is that it also relies entirely on Wall Street. Over the last few weeks, the two realities collided, the New York Times reports.


Why You Need Flauntly Now

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Have Investors Soured on Facebook? 

Facebook's business may still be booming, but for the first time, that doesn't seem to be enough to convince Wall Street its future is bright, reports Axios. Last week, Facebook showed its resilience during the pandemic, beating forecasts on top and bottom lines and on user additions. Even so, its stock fell on fears that changes to internet privacy will hurt its ad business long-term.


What’s Up at Apple? 

Apple recently said its longtime SVP of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, will depart his current role and assume a new one focused entirely on an unidentified "new project," Ars Technica reports. He will report directly to CEO Tim Cook in his new role.


Why Smart City Tech Has Stumbled

Only a few years ago, smart-city technology had major buzz. But smart city projects haven’t taken off as quickly as expected, Fortune reports. A key reason: COVID-19 has decimated local economies and reduced city budgets.


How Malicious Add-ons Hid on Millions of Devices

As many as 3 million users’ browsers were infected by Chrome and Edge extensions that stole personal data and redirected users to ad or phishing sites. Now, Ars Technica reports, the researchers who discovered the scam have determined how it happened: The extensions funneled commands into the cache-control headers of traffic that was camouflaged to appear as data related to Google analytics.


How to Craft a Content Strategy

Content can be a primary means to achieve key business goals. But without a clear strategy, it's easy to miss the mark. HubSpot describes the elements of an effective content strategy.


Petable Tech

Want a robot that's small and cuddly? Meet Moflin. Introduced at this year's all-digital CES, it is like a little gray guinea pig, CNet reports. Each Moflin develops an individual personality over time and can express emotion through movement and sound.

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