Where Is Bitcoin Headed?

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February 18, 2021


Where Is Bitcoin Headed?

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bitcoin hit a record high of $51,735.38 Wednesday, but where the cryptocurrency heads from here is an open question, Marketwatch reports. Some think the world’s No. 1 crypto will double in value before year-end, while others believe bitcoin’s price is “unsustainable.” Its value has risen by roughly 70 percent since the start of 2021.


Can Virtual Meetings Be Fixed?

Are boring grids of heads the best virtual meetings can offer? No, say startups like Gather.town, Kumospace and Pluto. They aim to bring some serendipity and spark to remote meetings, the New York Times reports.


Has Twitter Revealed the Future of Design?

Twitter has unwrapped a substantial rebrand intended to reflect the experience of using the site, Web Designer Depot reports. The instantly recognizable bird logomark stays, as does the inoffensive tech-blue. But everything else has been grunged up. Is this a glimpse of where design is headed, or misstep that's bound to be short-lived?


What’s Boosting Shopify 

With the job market upended by the pandemic, more Americans are opening online stores and selling goods and services to make money—a shift that has brought a wave of new business to Shopify, the Wall Street Journal reports. But Shopify’s business model carries risks. Chief among them: Many of the new startups are likely to fail.


Why You Need Flauntly Now

Flauntly is an easy-to-use, modular marketing tool that's perfect for remote work. Teams can collaborate, manage, and create an unlimited number of landing pages. Learn how


Nothing Technologies Buys Essential 

Carl Pei’s flegling technology brand Nothing is now the sole owner of the one-time smartphone brand Essential created by former Android founder Andy Rubin, 9to5google reports. Speculation has been rife over the first wave of products to come from the former OnePlus director and his brand.


The Overlooked Impact of Sonic Logos 

Sound and music play an important role in users' experiences across the burgeoning number of new platforms. Yet few marketers pay attention to crafting an effective and recognizable sonic signature. The Next Web says there are huge opportunities for brands to make a connection through sound—if they can figure out the right way to differentiate themselves.


Instagram to Launch Multi-Participant Livestreams

Instagram has disclosed that it is planning to launch multi-participant IG Live video chats within the next few weeks, Social Media Today reports. Live-streaming saw a big rise in 2020, as people sought ways to stay connected amid the pandemic lockdowns and mitigation measures.


Crypto Collectibles Are Fetching Big Prices

Mark Cuban sold a GIF for more than $81,000. Someone bought a JPEG for $650,000. A digital land title in a game sold for $1.5 million. As cryptocurrency prices skyrocket, celebrities are creating digital collectibles called non-fungible tokens, Vice reports. Collectors have spent $174 million on NFTs since 2017.


The iPad Adds a Unified Microsoft Office App

If you like using the iPad to work on the go, there’s good news. Microsoft’s updated its mobile Office app and it’s finally optimized for the iPad, Gizmodo reports. The new update means it's now possible to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from a single app.


Scan by Scan

Most homes are built block by block, or brick by brick. But a demo house in Calverton, N.Y., was constructed scan by scan—its walls made using a giant 3D printer, Reuters reports. The house constructed by SQ4D took only eight days to build.

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