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December 8, 2022


The Sensational Debut of ChatGPT

A new artificial intelligence chatbot has taken the internet by storm, the Washington Post reports. Humans are asking ChatGPT questions, and it’s sending answers back that are eerily lifelike, chatty, sometimes humorous and at other times unsettling and problematic. ChatGPT has already amassed over a million users since it was released last week.


List of Top Google Searches Released

“Wordle” was Google’s most searched term globally in 2022, followed by "India vs England" (as in cricket) and "Ukraine," The Verge reports. This year, Google’s annual Year in Search report offers an even more granular look at searches in the U.S., with a new hub that lets you type in your city or ZIP code.


What Personal Data Collection Can Reveal

Spotify Wrapped shows how detailed and personal data collection can be, Wall Street Journal columnist Nicole Nguyen writes. It also reveals the kinds of deeply personal inferences that companies and their algorithms can make from our data.


Apple Revamps App Store Pricing 

Apple this week rolled out new App Store pricing, a move it agreed to as part of a legal settlement, The Register reports. It is now offering 600 pricing options. The lowest-paid app price now starts at $0.29, and the highest-price option is $9,999.99. Apple takes a 30 percent commission (15 percent for small businesses).



Attacks Expose Power Grid Vulnerability 

Attacks on multiple electrical substations in North Carolina left more than 40,000 customers without power over the weekend, prompting local officials to call in the FBI to aid in an investigation, The Grid reports. The attacks highlight the physical vulnerability of the nation’s vast power grid, which has more than 55,000 power substations help keep electricity flowing across the country.


Small Firm Targeted by Russia Fights Back

The cat-and-mouse experience of Proton, a Swiss company that provides free software that masks a person’s identity and location online, shows what it’s like to be targeted by Russian censors—and what it takes to fight back, the New York Times reports. Proton has spent nine months repeatedly tweaking its technology to avoid Russian blocks, only to be countered again by government censors in Moscow.  


Will AI Sideline Human Designers? 

Artificial intelligence is making its way to design workflow faster than expected. Soon AI will be ideating, designing, and even presenting designed solutions, writes Nick Babich, UX Planet editor-in-chief. Does that mean AI-powered tools will soon replace human product designers? His answer: Yes and no.


Microsoft Teams to Add iPad, iPhone Functionality

Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing platform, will soon bring Picture in Picture mode to iPhone and iPad users, letting them view multiple windows at once on their device, Tech Radar reports. This would allow users on a video call to consult a document or presentation at the same time, without the need to switch between apps and potentially drop their call. 


Vivaldi Integrates with Mastodon

The Vivaldi browser is backing Mastodon to free online communications from Big Tech’s stranglehold, The Next Web reports. The Oslo-based company this week became the first browser to integrate Mastodon. The moves aim to accelerate the growth of Mastodon, while attracting more users to Vivaldi’s privacy-focused browser.


Biblical Chat 

One Twitter user prompted ChatGPT, the wildly popular new AI chatbot, to “write a biblical verse in the style of the King James Bible explaining how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR.” How did ChatGPT do? You be the judge.

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