Vimeo’s Reinvention

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February 11, 2021


Vimeo’s Reinvention

Credit: Vimeo

Since Anjali Sud's first day as Vimeo CEO in 2017, a lot has changed. It has become a "B2B SaaS company that's powering the town halls and trainings and marketing videos of Fortune 100 organizations." And the company has raised $450 million in capital as it prepared to go public. Protocol talked to Sud about her reinvention of "the indie version of YouTube."


Is a Clubhouse Clone in the Works?

Facebook is building an audio chat product that is similar to the popular young app Clubhouse, sources have told the New York Times. The social network has a history of cloning its competitors. Clubhouse, which was founded last year, has flourished during the pandemic and gained traction among Silicon Valley’s elite as a private, invite-only iPhone app.


WordPress VIP to Buy Content Analytics Firm

WordPress VIP is acquiring content analytics company in a move aimed at boosting its customers’ access to information on how their content performs on social media, the Wall Street Journal reports. WordPress VIP, which is owned by Automattic Inc., is separate from, also owned by Automattic.


Bitcoin’s Big Energy Appetite 

Bitcoin uses more electricity each year than the entire country of Argentina, analysis by Cambridge University suggests. "Mining" for the cryptocurrency is power-hungry, involving heavy computer calculations to verify transactions, the BBC reports. Cambridge researchers say it consumes around 121.36 terawatt-hours a year.


Why You Need Flauntly Now

Flauntly is an easy-to-use, modular marketing tool that's perfect for remote work. Teams can collaborate, manage, and create an unlimited number of landing pages. Learn how


Projector Aims to Connect Amateur, Pro Designers 

Projector, a browser-based tool for creating pieces of visual design, is competing in a crowded space: collaborative graphic design platforms including Canva, Figma and others, Fast Company reports. It hopes to find an edge in creating an experience that appeals to both laypeople and design pros, and helping the amateurs and the experts to work together.


Newsletter Strategies Gain Momentum 

The New York Times’ flagship morning newsletter The Morning hit a milestone in January: over 1 billion unique opens since it launched in May 2020. Digiday says newsletters are increasingly attractive for publishers as a revenue stream, a way to convert subscribers and a source of email addresses—information that is especially valuable with the impending demise of the third-party cookie.


A.I. and the Customer Service Experience

The importance of machine learning in creating seamless customer experiences is only going to increase, Inc. magazine reports. A.I. is streamlining the way brands interact with customers, helping them anticipate their customers' needs and give them exactly what they want—almost before the customer even knows.


Developers Gear Up for Apple Clash

The Coalition for App Fairness, a coalition of app developers who want Apple to relax stringent App Store rules, is hiring a new director as it prepares to ramp up its work, according to a message obtained by Axios. Apple has increasingly clashed with developers over the heavy cut it takes on app and in-app purchases and its practice of blocking most apps from using their own payment methods for subscriptions.


Days Are Numbered for Edge’s Legacy Version

Microsoft disclosed on its tech blog that Edge Legacy—the older version of the browser that comes pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs—will be automatically removed from those computers with a software update on April 13, Mashable reports. Anyone still using Edge Legacy on Windows 10 is strongly advised to switch over to the new version of Edge based on Google's open-source Chromium software.


For the Birds

Bird Folder is a macOS extension that has a rather unique niche: It names new folders after birds. The names of the specific birds are pulled from Wikipedia, The Next Web reports, and there are almost 10,000 possible outputs—red-billed malkoha, Zambezi indigobird, and slender-billed greenbul, to name a few. Good luck remembering what goes in each folder.

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