TikTok's Rise

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October 20, 2022


The App That Rules the Internet

In five years, Chinese-owned TikTok—once written off as a silly dance-video fad—has pioneered a new age of instant attention, becoming one of the most prominent, discussed, distrusted, technically sophisticated and geopolitically complicated juggernauts on the internet, the Washington Post reports. It is a phenomenon that has secured an unrivaled grasp on culture and everyday life.


Study of Internet Pricing Reveals Inequities

An analysis has found that AT&T, Verizon, EarthLink, and CenturyLink disproportionately offered lower-income and least-white neighborhoods slow internet service for the same price as speedy connections they offered in other neighborhoods. The Markup gathered and analyzed more than 800,000 internet service offers from the four providers in 38 cities across the U.S.


UK Regulator Orders Meta to Sell Giphy

The UK's competition watchdog has issued a final order to Meta to sell animated images platform Giphy, the BBC reports. Meta bought Giphy, the largest supplier of animated gifs to social networks, in 2020.


Top Luminate Award Goes to German Firm 

Lidrotec, which established a U.S. entity last week, is the winner of Luminate NY’s fifth round, the Rochester Beacon reports. The Bochum, Germany-based business will receive a $1 million investment from New York. It is one of 10 startups that vied for a total of $2 million in prizes at the Luminate Finals in Rochester.



Can AI Pay Off for Any Business? 

Expensive to build and often needing highly skilled engineers to maintain, artificial intelligence systems generally pay off only for large tech companies with vast amounts of data. But that could change. In a TED Talk, Andrew Ng shares a vision for democratizing access to AI, empowering any business to make decisions that will increase their profit and productivity.


Why Investors Are Still Bullish on Web3

Despite the white-knuckle ride of the last six months, investors still believe the technology that underlies Web3—the umbrella term for the new blockchain-based, decentralized internet, which includes cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and DeFi—is robust, has an extremely wide range of use cases, and will stand the test of time, Fast Company reports. The CEO of Techstars, one of the most active early stage investors in the space, says Web3 will create scores of $1 billion-plus companies.  


Amazon Workers Near Albany Vote Down Union Bid

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Albany overwhelmingly rejected a union bid on Tuesday, according to a count from the National Labor Relations Board. The 406-to-206 vote against unionizing deals a major blow to the Amazon Labor Union, Axios reports. It would've been the second Amazon site in the U.S. to unionize.


Netflix Reverses Subscriber Losses in Q3

Netflix bounced back from recent subscriber losses with a summertime gain, AP reports. The company, which plans to launch a cheaper version of the video streaming service that will include ads for the first time, reported Tuesday that it gained 2.4 million subscribers in the third quarter.    


Where Young Designers Are Flocking

Young designers are helping to revive Tumblr, a platform that was considered “abandoned” by many back in 2018, Renee Fleck writes on Dribbble. She says Tumblr is “where you can go to express your creativity without judgment, without ‘influencers’ or brands vying for your attention, and with something everyone on social media has been requesting for years: a chronological feed.”


Don’t Throw Away Your Old Phones 

How much is a piece of high-tech history worth? One collector’s answer: $39,339.60. That’s how much the winning bidder paid for a factory-sealed model of the first-edition iPhone—a phone that originally retailed for $599 in 2007 (or $852 in 2022 after inflation), CNBC reports.

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