The Log4J Vulnerability

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December 16, 2021


A Security Flaw That’s ‘Extremely Bad’

Experts say it might be the worst computer vulnerability in a decade or more: an “extremely bad” flaw in the open source Apache logging library Log4j that is exposing some of the world's most popular applications and services to attack, Wired reports. ZDNet says a second vulnerability involving Apache Log4j was found on Tuesday after experts spent days attempting to patch or mitigate the first one. Security Intelligence offers a deep dive on Log4J.


The 'Avatar of Infinite Possibility'

Describing him as a "clown, genius, edgelord, visionary, industrialist, showman, cad; a madcap hybrid of Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan," Time magazine named entrepreneur Elon Musk its Person of the Year. "Musk is our avatar of infinite possibility, our usher to the remade world."


Canadian Firm Picks Rochester for U.S. HQ

Delta-X Global has committed to investing $25 million and creating up to 102 jobs, the Rochester Beacon reports. The Toronto-based firm designs, engineers and manufactures high-performance, fully automated solutions for industrial and digital automation, printing, security and encryption platforms.


Google Is Big on AR Again

Google, one of the early leaders in the first wave of modern augmented reality research and devices, appeared to cool on AR in recent years even as Apple and Facebook have invested heavily in it. But it looks like that trend will soon be reversed, Ars Technica reports. Job listings signal plans for a mobile AR platform intended to reach "billions."



Where Selena Gomez Is Investing Now

Singer, actress, and entrepreneur Selena Gomez has revealed her next investment: Gopuff, a grocery venture known for its super-fast delivery services that has been valued at $15 billion, Fortune reports. Founded in 2013 by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev, the Philadelphia-based startup calls itself an “instant needs” company that delivers everything from late-night snacks to diapers to COVID-19 testing kits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Most Americans Want Tighter Regulation 

A new poll from Morning Consult finds 56 percent of U.S. adults support government regulation of social media companies, up 4 percentage points from an October survey, Axios reports. The poll also found that roughly three in five adults say social media platforms do not do enough to keep users safe.


Campaigns That Resonated in 2021 

Despite 2021's unfulfilled promises across many fronts, some creative efforts captured the cultural moment or felt keyed into what's coming. Marketing Dive breaks down nine 2021 campaigns that were able to thread the needle deftly, balancing boldness with an execution that struck a chord with consumers.


A Simpler—and Free—Photoshop Option  

Adobe has long dominated the market for professional graphics tools, but its programs can be intimidating to new users, and expensive—a Creative Cloud full suite subscription is more than $50 a month. Now, Fast Company reports, Adobe is launching Creative Cloud Express—available in free and paid versions—for the hundreds of millions of social media users and business owners who don’t need (or can’t afford) full-blown Creative Cloud. 


Apple Users, Do This Before You Die

Apple's newly released iOS 15.2 software update includes a much-overdue Legacy Contact setting. The new tool allows you to specify who can access your photos, notes, mail and more when you die. Google and Meta have offered a similar setting for years. The Wall Street Journal explains how to set it up.


Why Cambodians Don’t Like Keyboards 

Fifty percent of Facebook Messenger’s total voice traffic comes from Cambodia, Rest of World reports. Here’s why: In Cambodia, everyone from tuk-tuk drivers to Prime Minister Hun Sen prefers to send voice notes instead of messages. Typing is just too hard. Khmer has 74 characters, the most of any script in the world.

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