The Holmes Verdict

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January 6, 2022


Will the Theranos Saga Change Silicon Valley?

In finding Elizabeth Holmes guilty of lying to some, but not all, of Theranos’s investors, the jury in her trial supposedly sent a message to Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs nationwide. But did it, really? Bethany McLean, co-author of a book about the collapse of Enron, writes in the New York Times that the line between visionary and fraudster can be very thin. And reports that the verdict may not be a major reckoning for the “fake it till you make it” culture.


The First $3,000,000,000,000 Company

On Monday, Apple briefly became the world's first company worth $3 trillion—only a year after it crossed the $2 trillion mark. The roots of Apple's astounding growth, Inc. magazine reports, can be traced to 2007, when Steve Jobs unveiled what he described as a "breakthrough internet communications device": the iPhone.


The End of BlackBerry

A pioneer of on-the-go email and paragon of corporate connectedness, the BlackBerry reigned supreme in the days when physical keyboards had yet to yield to touch screens. But no longer. The proprietary BlackBerry platform was turned off Monday, the Washington Post reports, and the devices now join floppy disks and rotary phones in the realm of the arcane.


Wordle’s Creator Does Not Want Your Money

The fiendishly addictive mobile phone game Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle launched in October now has 300,000 people playing it daily. He created it for his partner, who likes word games, and he has no plans to cash in by selling advertising on it, The Guardian reports.



OpenSea Wants to Buy Dharma Labs

NFT marketplace OpenSea is in talks to acquire Dharma Labs, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, Axios has learned from sources. NFTs have exploded in popularity, as everyone from global consumer brands to indie artists have rushed to sell digital collectibles, and user-friendly crypto wallets are critical to the industry's future growth.


A Four-Wheel Chameleon 

Thanks to the electrophoretic technology found in E Ink, a BMW iX prototype unveiled this week can change exterior colors almost immediately, CNet reports. The iX has a special wrap that brings different color pigments to the surface via electrical stimulation. For now, the only colors are black, white and gray.


User-Created Content Catches Up to TV

User-created content on social platforms now accounts for 39 percent of weekly media hours consumed by Americans, versus 61 percent for traditional media. Underscoring the shift in consumer habits, Social Media Today reports that traditional TV consumption accounts for 18 percent of overall media consumer time, versus 16 percent for user-generated video content online.


Building Strategies Around Instagram Stories  

Instagram says 90 percent of people on the platform follow a business. One of the chief ways firms share content with audiences is through branded Instagram Stories. HubSpot offers an overview of how 25 top brands use Instagram Stories.


Donating Data Instead of Cash

"Dataraising," when the ask is for data instead of money, is on the rise, Stanford University's Lucy Bernholz writes on The Conversation. One reason for the growth: technology has made it easier to do.


Google Gotcha? 

An Italian mafia boss on the run for decades has been arrested after he was spotted on Google Maps, the BBC reports. Gioacchino Gammino was found in Galapagar, Spain. A Google Street View shot showing a man resembling Gammino standing in front of a grocery shop was key to tracking the fugitive, investigators say.

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