Growth of a Remote Risk

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February 25, 2021


Amid WFH, Digital Threats Rose in 2020

Companies faced significantly more digital threats in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic forced a shift to remote work, a new CrowdStrike global threat report says. Overall, the Washington Post reports, hacking efforts by both cybercriminals and state-sponsored groups grew in 2020 and are unlikely to let up in 2021 as the work-from-home trend continues.


Apple Confronts a Mysterious Malware Strain

Following the discovery of a new and unusual malware that had the potential to attack Macs running on Apple Silicon, Apple has taken steps to minimize any impact the maliciously-crafted software could have in the future, Apple Insider reports. The malware seemed to be an in-development or test malware, but it did have the capability to add a malicious payload in the future through repeated hourly updates.


Is Stripe Really Worth More than IBM?

Stripe's valuation is reportedly $115 billion, up more than threefold since its last funding round in April 2020. If so, Protocol reports, the 10-year-old privately held startup could be worth more than IBM, the nearly 110-year-old tech company with a market cap of about $107 billion.


Spotify Gears Up for ‘New Golden Age of Audio’

Spotify on Monday laid out its vision for "a new golden age of audio," revealing plans to launch a new subscription tier called HiFi for high-quality audio later this year and to expand to more than 80 new countries in the near future, CNet reports. The streaming-music giant also unveiled podcast exclusives and a suite of new tools for artists and podcasters.


Why You Need Flauntly Now

Flauntly is an easy-to-use, modular marketing tool that's perfect for remote work. Teams can collaborate, manage, and create an unlimited number of landing pages. Learn how


Nextdoor’s Pandemic Woes 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many users thought the Nextdoor platform could help keep their communities healthy and safe by being a reliable source of local information about vital topics like quarantining and vaccinations. But a number of users tell Recode that their local sites often are taken over by a loud minority that push misinformation about Covid-19, vaccines, and masks.


Is Quill a ‘Better Version of Slack’? 

Like Slack, Quill is a messaging app for co-workers to update each other on what they are doing, have conversations about projects and more. Unlike Slack, Quill is about delivering messaging in a non-distracting way, TechCrunch reports. Founded by the former creative director of Stripe, Quill bills itself as “messaging for people that focus.” He thinks it's “a better version of Slack.” Is he right?


2U, Partner Aim to Expand Online Education

2U, a major provider of remote college and professional training, is partnering with a company that works on education reimbursement to expand online schooling opportunities for U.S. workers, Axios has learned. The new partnership aims to help American workers affordably reskill for the age of automation.


The Keys to a Successful Rebrand

Bannersnack, which started in 2008 as a simple banner maker, reimagined itself as Creatopy. Writing on, Creatopy's leaders describe the process they followed to rebrand their business, and the elements needed to make it successful.


The Joke Cryptocurrency Worth $7 Billion

Dogecoin started off as a joke cryptocurrency but now has a market capitalization of $7 billion and a huge global following. How did it all happen? Coindesk explains.


Remember That Sound?

Desperately missing nightlife during the pandemic? A digital tool called I Miss My Bar features adjustable sounds like a bartender working, the ambient sounds of a full room, and a curated playlist, Fast Company reports. Throw it on while sipping a drink at home, and it might transport you back to an evening out before COVID-19.

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