The Best New Features in iOS 11

David Boselli



September 26, 2017

1. A Redesigned App Store

Users can now discover new content in a cards-based system, with cards for App of the Day, Major Update, Sneak Peak, Now Trending, Deep Dive, How To, and much more. Only 1-2 cards are visible on the screen at any time, so the user must scroll down to see cards that were featured on previous days.

Apps vs. Games

The App Store features separate tabs for games and apps. Customers can browse categories on each tab to discover new apps. And both tabs feature app previews and highlight videos that autoplay with muted audio as customers scroll through the tabs.

ios 11 app store
A look at the new app store and games tab.

2. A New Control Center

This is one of our favorite changes in iOS 11. You can customize what shortcuts appear in your Control Center by going into Settings. And also add shortcut buttons for things like screen recording, voice memos, and the alarm.

If you want to use the new screen recording feature, you'll first need to add the feature button to your Control Center. Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.

You can now customize your control center.

3. You Can Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Nearby Devices

You no longer have to try and type out long, complicated wifi passwords on your iPhone. Now when your friends visit you can share your password with them by just holding your phone or tablet next to their device. The shortcut works with iPhones and iPads running iOS 11, and Macs running the latest macOS High Sierra.

No more typing out long and complicated wifi passwords.

4. New Effects to Live Photos

In iOS 11, you can add an effect to your Live Photos after you take them. Swiping up on a live photo reveals options to loop, bounce, or make it a long exposure shot for better photos of low-lit scenarios.

More reasons to use live photos.

5. Do Not Disturb While Driving

With the automatic setting, this feature will turn on whenever your iPhone detects the acceleration of a vehicle, an option that could be frustrating when you're a passenger (though you can toggle it off in this situation). The Bluetooth setting turns the feature on whenever your phone connects to your car's Bluetooth, an ideal setting if you're the only person who drives your vehicle. The manual setting lets you turn it on from the Control Center.

A life-saving feature!

6. You Can Scan QR Codes in the Camera App

Apple has built a QR code scanner right into the Camera app, so all you have to do is point your camera at a QR code and it will prompt you with what to do next.

You can delete all of your QR reader apps.

7. Siri Can Translate English to Other Languages

Siri can now translate English to Chinese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish, a helpful tool when you go traveling abroad. At the moment you can't have another language translated into English.

The auto pronunciation is very helpful when trying to communicate effectively.

Final thoughts

Exploring all of these new features allows us to take advantage of the latest technology available and provide the best solutions for our clients. We hope this covers everything you need to know so far, and stay tuned as we will continue to update this post with additional features as we get more acquainted with the new OS.

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