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July 14, 2022


The Top Young Innovators

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MIT Technology Review's annual list of 35 rising young innovators is not just about what a group of talented people have accomplished—it’s about the future direction of technology. This year's edition offers glimpses of the near future of AI, biotech, materials, computing, and the fight against climate change.


Tech's Global Woes

Tens of thousands of tech company workers around the world have been laid off as the industry adjusts to an increasingly difficult operating environment, Rest of World reports. While some see opportunities in the chaos, most expect 2022 to be a brutal year, especially for emerging market tech.


Big 3 Tighten Their Grip on the Cloud

The pandemic period has been a boon for a trio of tech giants: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports, they appear poised to extend their strength. The three companies accounted for 65 percent of the $53 billion in global cloud-service spending in the first quarter.


Why Phishing Still Rules

Phishing remains the most common way for threat actors to gain access to victims’ networks, according to this year’s IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. Roughly 41 percent of attacks that X-Force remediated last year involved this tactic, up from 33 percent the year before, Security Intelligence reports. Phishing is No. 1 for a simple reason: It works.



The Obits for Crypto Are Premature 

The mayhem in the cryptocurrency market has excited the obituary writers. Taken together, crypto assets have lost more than two-thirds of their value since November. But the bust tells us precisely nothing about crypto’s future, Sebastian Mallaby writes in the Washington Post. “History is littered with technologies that crashed but still proved transformative,” he says.


NY Gun Applicants Must List Social Media Accounts

New York is rolling out a novel strategy to screen applicants for gun permits, AP reports. People seeking to carry concealed handguns will be required to hand over lists of their social media accounts for a review of their “character and conduct.” The new requirement takes effect in September.  


How to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

In email marketing, personalization will outperform one-to-everyone campaigns every time, MarTech says. But what marketers often don’t understand is that personalization is not an end in itself; it's a tactic to achieve the goal of enhancing the customer’s experience with a brand.


Where to Find Music for Videos

Locating music for videos created for social media or to embed on your website can be tricky. You want something catchy that fits your video’s tone but don’t want to violate copyright laws. Web Designer Depot has compiled a list of 10 great sources of high-quality free and low-cost music.


Optimizing Organic Position on Google

In the U.S., only 49 percent of small businesses invest in search engine optimization. That means more than half of them are leaving traffic, customers, and revenue on the table by not optimizing their organic position on Google. HubSpot outlines some easy steps that small businesses can take to improve their organic position on Google.


Drinking the Air 

It looks like a robot from "Wall-E," but this machine is the real deal: It can turn air into drinking water. Developed by a Tunisian startup called Kumulus, the solar-powered device mimics the condensation process to convert humidity in the air into 10 to 50 liters of clean drinking water per day, Fast Company reports.

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