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October 28, 2021


Digital Advertising Fuels Revenue Surge

Google this week posted its highest quarterly revenue increase in 14 years, driven by money smaller businesses are pouring into digital ads, the Wall Street Journal reports. The paper also reports that Spotify’s big podcast bet appears to be paying off, with third-quarter advertising revenue up 75 percent from a year earlier.


A Bid to Disrupt Broadband Monopolies

A new startup backed by AOL founder Steve Case and Laurene Powell Jobs wants to break up broadband monopolies across the country, Axios reports. Underline, a community infrastructure company, began building its first open access fiber network in Colorado Springs last week. Under its open access model, Underline builds and operates the fiber network while multiple service providers can use it.


How Facebook Spread Rage and Misinformation

Five years ago, Facebook programmed the algorithm that decides what people see in their news feeds to use the reaction emoji to push more emotional and provocative content—including content likely to make them angry. The Washington Post reports that Facebook systematically amped up some of the worst of its platform, making it more prominent in users’ feeds and spreading it to a much wider audience.


Password Spraying Attacks Are Increasing, Microsoft Warns

State-sponsored hackers and cyber criminals are ramping up use of password spraying, a low-effort and high-value method for the attacker, ZDNet reports. Microsoft's Detection and Response Team estimates that more than a third of account compromises are password spraying attacks, a type of brute force attack in which one password is used against many different accounts to avoid account lockouts.



Building Android Apps with Material You Design

With the launch of Android 12 and Google’s new Pixel 6 lineup comes a new look that Android VP of product management Sameer Samat called “the biggest design change in Android’s history,” The Verge reports. Material You, which applies a new set of principles for creating interfaces, is available in Jetpack Compose, so app designers can more easily adopt the look in their own products.


Intel Unveils New, Faster PC Chips 

Intel on Wednesday introduced a new, faster family of processor chips for personal computers, Reuters reports. The company also said that the supercomputer it is helping the U.S. government to build will reach double previously expected speeds.


Coding Bootcamps Competing With Universities 

Analysts from the data research company Optimal say the current rise of “tech bootcamp” training courses has coincided with the largest college enrollment decline in a decade, as students look to cost-effective alternatives to gain IT credentials outside of traditional four-year degree programs, Government Technology reports. Bootcamps’ in-field employment rates often surpassed prestigious computer science departments found at schools like Stanford University and MIT, a survey found.


Shiba Inu Jumps 70 Percent … in One Day  

The shiba inu token on Wednesday continued its astonishing ascent in the cryptocurrency markets, surging 70 percent over the past 24 hours to a reported market capitalization of over $39 billion—even though its price is a minuscule $0.0000763, CoinDesk reports. SHIB’s market value now tops the value of the trading platform Robinhood ($30 billion) as well as European banking giants Societe Generale ($28 billion) and Deutsche Bank ($26 billion).


Did New York Overengineer its Vaccine Passport

New York has issued 6 million Excelsior Passes in the 29 weeks since its launch, but those passes have been scanned just over 314,000 times, Recode reports. And the app that businesses use to scan Excelsior Pass QR codes has been downloaded only 156,000 times. Did New York, the first state to launch an app-based Covid-19 vaccine passport system, overengineer it?


But Are the Burritos Virtual Too?

Chipotle is giving away $1 million worth of free burritos on Roblox through its Halloween-themed 'Boorito' experience, Marketing Dive reports. Each day, today through Sunday, the first 30,000 Roblox users to don virtual, Chipotle-themed costumes and visit the restaurant's in-game location will receive a promo code for a free entree redeemable through its app and website. Users will then proceed to the Chipotle Boorito Maze where they can collect special ingredients that grant them superpowers to avoid monsters and reach the maze's center—and receive access to free Chipotle-themed items for their Roblox avatar.

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