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December 23, 2021


TikTok Jumped to No. 1 in 2021

Video-sharing platform TikTok beat out Google for the most popular domain in 2021, according to Cloudflare's 2021 Year in Review of internet traffic. In its rapid rise, the video-sharing platform—No. 7 in 2020—also has surpassed other internet titans like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix in web traffic.


The Bid to Reboot the Web

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other members of the tech elite are banding together to bring the Web back to its idealist origins, the Wall Street Journal reports. They envision a distributed, democratically ruled “Web 3.0” or “Web3," made possible by new technologies like blockchain, that will rise like a phoenix of 1990s-era Web 1.0 idealism from out of the ashes of the corporation-controlled Web 2.0.


Is Forcing a Return to the Office ‘Doomed’?

Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield says the future of work is being dictated by workers who want more flexibility and better tech tools. “Work is no longer a place you go," he told the Washington Post. “It’s something you do.”


Fitbit Eyes Mental Health Tracking

A 24-page patent filed by Fitbit outlines ways wearables could be used to analyze your mental health and cognition, Forbes reports. The patent details ways to assess the wearer’s mental health through game-like activities, to “track and analyze his or her mental state, including cognitive ability, in an automated and non-invasive fashion."



Meta Wants ‘Deep Compatibility’ with Blockchain

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is aiming for “deep compatibility” with blockchain technology. In a note to employees, which was obtained by the New York Times, Andrew Bosworth, who will become Meta’s chief technology officer next year, laid out a vision for the social network to adopt and work with various blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies that have collectively become known as Web3.


TikTok Rival Triller Is Going Public 

Triller, a social video app and hopeful TikTok rival, plans to go public through a merger with video software company SeaChange International, Protocol reports. The merger gives the combined company—to be known as TrillerVerz—a $5 billion valuation, four times Triller's previous valuation of $1.25 billion.


The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Previously geared toward building awareness, social influencers may begin to play a bigger role in brands' e-commerce strategies as new tools crop up, Marketing Dive reports. This transition comes as spending on influencer marketing grows—expanding this year by 42 percent to $13.8 billion worldwide and forecast to hit $15 billion by the end of 2022.


Are Smartphones a New ‘Tax on the Poor’?  

The expectation of connectivity now extends to low-wage workers—and the consequences go far beyond gig economy jobs. Amid historic levels of income inequality, phones and data plans have become an increasingly costly burden on those who have the least to spare, Julia Ticona, author of a forthcoming book, “Left to Our Own Devices: Coping with Insecure Work in a Digital Age,” writes on Wired


Where Did 'The Cloud' Come From?

You’re surrounded by it. You don’t know where you’re going, but it’s tracking your every move and telling you to turn left. It is “the cloud,” but what is it actually? In its answer to that question, Scientific American explains that story of where the cloud first materialized is likely deeper than most of us know.


Gifts For People You Despise 

There's no better way to say, "I don't really like you" than with the tech gifts on a list compiled by BuzzFeed. No. 1: Melania Trump's NFT. Others on the list: wall art of Elon Musk smoking a joint on Joe Rogan's podcast and a Theranos "early investor" coffee mug.

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