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August 25, 2022


WhatsApp’s Next Challenge

Push notifications changed everything for WhatsApp, transforming what looked like a failed app idea into the most used communications app in the world, CNBC reports. But the company’s focus on users’ best interests has made it hard to monetize, even after its $19 billion acquisition in 2014 by Facebook (known today as Meta). Now, Meta wants WhatsApp to drive additional value and revenue through its new business-focused premium service.


Election Cybersecurity Toolkit Released

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released a collection of free tools and trainings that are intended to help state and local government and election officials guard against a variety of attempts that could impede voters’ access to information and smooth elections, Government Technology reports. The toolkit comes as part of CISA’s Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative initiative.


New Templates Added to LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to add new ways to help creators maximize engagement in the app, this time via a new templates option for posts, Social Media Today reports. The templates provide a range of text formatting and background options for updates.


How to Tap ‘Dark Data’ 

Most of the data businesses collect piles up with little plan for tapping its potential. CIO contributing writer Maria Korolov says mining this so-called "dark data" is no easy task, but doing so can unlock business opportunities.



A Database for Identity Thieves 

A free, user-friendly, publicly searchable database that contains the name, location, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name of millions of people—sounds like an identity thief's dream, right? It also describes Amazon's registries for weddings, birthdays, new babies, and other occasions, The Intercept reports.


What to Expect on iPhone 14

In a few weeks, Apple will announce the upcoming iPhone 14 series. Some features are pretty much confirmed on these new phones, 9to5Mac reports. It offers a preview of four of them.  


Integrating Google Drive into Slack

For many tech workers, Slack is their go-to collaboration platform. They also rely on Google Drive daily for productivity. For those who depend on both of these platforms, combining them is a huge plus. ZDNet contributing writer Jack Wallen explains how to easily integrate Google Drive into Slack.


Artists Fear Algorithms That Can Mimic Them

A new generation of AI image tools can reproduce an artist’s signature style. As access to AI art generators begins to widen, more artists are raising questions about their capability to mimic the work of human creators, Wired reports. Some creatives fear for their livelihoods.   


Celebrating iPhone Photographic Excellence

For 15 years, the iPhone Photography Awards have been celebrating the art of photography while highlighting advances in smartphone technology. Chosen from thousands of submissions from all over the world, many of this year’s winning shots "depict beauty rising out of isolation and honor photography’s ability to build bridges across lost connections."


Punt, Pass and Code 

When the Green Bay Packers walked onto the practice field last week, they were greeted by an unusual new teammate: a robot. The 6-foot-tall machine called the Seeker can simulate a punter and also can imitate a quarterback’s style including the speed, arc and timing of a throw. Some think the Seeker could be the future of football practice, the Washington Post reports.

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