Is Amazon Lax with Your Data?

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November 24, 2021


Is Amazon Lax with Your Data?

For years, Amazon has handled your personal information less carefully than it handles your packages, an investigation by Wired found. In the name of speedy customer service, unbridled growth, and rapid-fire “invention on behalf of customers,” the retail giant gave broad swathes of its global workforce extraordinary latitude to tap into customer data. Amazon says its data security has improved; but how much?


Hedge Fund Makes Bid for Buffalo News Owner

A hedge fund with a reputation for selling buildings and slashing newsroom budgets and staff has proposed buying Lee Enterprises, owner of the Buffalo News and one of the last large independent newspaper chains in the United States, the Washington Post reports. Alden Global Capital offered $24 a share to purchase the chain, which acquired Buffalo's daily paper in March 2020.


What LinkedIn Can Teach Other Social Networks

Unlike its peers, LinkedIn has built a friendly, productive, and scaled network by developing the right incentives and taking genuine action when things go wrong, Big Technology writes. Among the things it gets right: On LinkedIn, being a jerk has real consequences.


What Does Low-Code Mean for Programming?

With the growth in low-code and no-code solutions, the question arises again and again: What will happen to programming? These jobs won’t disappear with widespread low-code adoption (even low-code is built on code), O'Reilly reports, but undeniably programmers’ roles will shift as more companies move to low-code solutions.



Changing the Way Designers Create

From the latest in 3D design and collaboration platforms to augmented reality, tech innovations are influencing designers’ creative processes. Writing on Dribbble, Renee Fleck looks at three innovative tools that are shaping how designers work.


How Spotify Raced to the Front on Podcasting 

With 3.2 million podcasts on its platform and more monthly active users than Apple, Spotify is the new heavy in podcasting. And it’s just getting started, Fast Company reports. Spotify's founder and CEO, Daniel Ek, repeatedly invokes the term velocity to describe the company’s audio strategy.


Why Environmentalists Are Crypto Foes 

Bitcoin and similar blockchain-based currencies require huge amounts of power, predominantly generated from fossil fuels. According to Digiconomist, a single bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of power that the average American household consumes in a month. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm, The Guardian reports.


Why Is Investing in a New Venture So Hard?  

It’s easier to invest in an NFT than a startup. Party Round wants to change that, Protocol reports. Party Round's goal is to allow founders to easily invite friends to invest via a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), handle the documents and send money. Think Venmo, but for startup investing (and with a bit more legal paperwork).


The Best Inexpensive Black Friday Deals

Some retailers are now heavily discounting popular tech products in the lead-up to Black Friday, dropping prices on everything from Bluetooth trackers and smart speakers to the latest gaming subscriptions. The Verge offers its list of the best deals for tech gear under $25.


Weed to Go 

Cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke and Uber Canada are teaming up, Axios reports. Uber Eats now has a section in its digital marketplace for Tokyo Smoke's virtual stores, allowing consumers to place orders on the app and pick them up at a nearby store location.

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