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September 28, 2023


AI Won’t ‘Disrupt’ Software Engineers


Software engineers have joined the ranks of copy editors, translators, and others who fear that they’re about to be replaced by generative AI. But new technologies have long promised to “disrupt” engineering, and these innovations have always failed to get rid of the need for human software developers, Wired observes. If anything, they often made these workers that much more indispensable.

AI has clear benefits. More than nine out of 10 U.S. developers are deploying AI coding tools, citing advantages such as productivity gains (53%), the ability to focus more on building/creating as opposed to repetitive tasks (51%) and the prevention of burnout (41%). It’s also cutting down nearly one-half of the time spent on generating and documenting code., SC Media reports.

Deciphering security best practices and spotting poor coding patterns, however, have emerged as needed skills.


Tools to Protect Against Future Outbreaks

During the pandemic, Yatish Turakhia developed software tools to trace the evolution of new Covid variants. Now he and a team at UC Santa Cruz’s Genomics Institute are applying his techniques to other diseases, the MIT Technology Review reports.


Slack CEO Sees AI as Creativity Catalyst

Almost a third of our time on the job is spent on performative work or tasks done to simply appear productive without contributing to company or team goals, says Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack Technologies. Writing on Fast Company, Jones says she believes generative AI can be a creativity catalyst, not the job destroyer many people fear. “With a little help from the machines,” she says, “we can stop acting like corporate robots.”


A Checklist for AI Consciousness

A group of philosophers, neuroscientists and computer scientists has proposed a list of measurable qualities that might help determine whether an AI system like ChatGPT could be considered conscious. Their analysis "suggests that no current AI systems are conscious, but also suggests that there are no obvious technical barriers to building AI systems which satisfy these indicators."



  • Block chief Jack Dorsey is once again set to lead his company's payments platform Square, as CEO Alyssa Henry readies to step down on Oct. 2.
  • Microsoft has been planning a refresh to its current Xbox line for potential release next year and has mapped out an ambitious, multi-device approach to the new generation that will follow in 2028, newly leaked documents show.
  • In an AI makeover, Google has unveiled a new interface that allows Data Commons users to ask simple questions to retrieve and analyze public data in ways that would have, in the previous version, required complex queries or coding.


“Enough is enough. A full-scale review of the use and practices around remote-control locomotives is long overdue.”

Artie Maratea, Transportation Communications Union president, after a railroad worker died when he was struck by a remote-controlled train in a CSX railyard in Ohio

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