Google's Chief on Leading with Empathy

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April 1, 2021


Google's Chief on Leading with Empathy

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai describes the process of running Google as "a long journey." Pichai tells Inc. magazine: "It's about empowering other people to succeed ... To lead effectively, you have to understand the person you're working with, not just the role they play."


A Big Bet on Broadband

President Joe Biden wants to dramatically expand internet access to Americans with a $100 billion investment as part of his new infrastructure plan, CNBC reports. His plan, Ars Technica notes, includes proposals to boost competition, build more publicly owned networks and lower prices—in other words, some of the broadband industry's least-favorite ideas.


Turing Award Winners Wrote the Book on Programming

Widely considered the Nobel Prize of computing, the Turing Award this year is going to two professors, Alfred Aho and Jeffrey Ullman, for literally writing the book on how computers are programmed, Axios reports. Aho and Ullman have impacted the industry both directly and through all those they have influenced, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin.


Why Private Browsers Are Better

A new breed of private browsers, from less-known brands like DuckDuckGo and Brave, has emerged over the last three years. What stands out, the New York Times reports, is that these browsers minimize the data gathered about users by blocking the technologies used for tracking.


Why You Need Flauntly Now

Flauntly is an easy-to-use, modular marketing tool that's perfect for remote work. Teams can collaborate, manage, and create an unlimited number of landing pages. Learn how


Going Green with Google Maps

Google Maps is getting a new feature that encourages drivers to make more eco-friendly journeys, The Next Web reports. The app will soon default to showing the route with the lowest carbon footprint, as long it’s got roughly the same ETA as the fastest path.


Finding Wisdom in Quotes about UX Design 

Designers and others have been writing and speaking memorably about what makes a good UX design for years. Even Albert Einstein has valuable advice when it comes to solving design problems, Renee Fleck writes on Dribbble.


Turning Spreadsheets into Slick Interactive Web Tools

A hot trend in tech these days is creating the next great “spreadsheet killer”—the dazzling app that will make us all abandon Excel and Google Sheets. Grid, which launched last week, takes a different approach, Fast Company says: It lets users inject a dash of web-based interactivity and presentation polish into their existing spreadsheets.


A Record-Breaking Year for Attacks on Schools

A recent report says 2020 was a "record-breaking" year for cyberattacks against schools, Government Technology reports. There were 408 publicized school cyberattacks in 2020, up 18 percent increase. Nearly 40 percent of K-12 cyber incidents were data breaches and leaks, while 12 percent involved ransomware. 


PayPal OKs Cryptocurrencies

With its new Checkout with Crypto feature, PayPal will make it possible for customers to convert their crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, into fiat currencies, Protocol reports.


What the ;l;;gmlxzssaw?

A young child inadvertently sparked confusion over the weekend by posting an unintelligible tweet to the official account of U.S. Strategic Command, the agency responsible for safeguarding America's nuclear weapons. The BBC reports that a child in the account's social-media manager's family was responsible for posting the tweet, “;l;;gmlxzssaw." It was deleted within minutes.

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