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June 23, 2022


Google to Small-Business App Users: Pay Up

After more than a decade of free use, small-business users of Google’s G Suite legacy edition—rebranded a few years ago as Google Workspace—now must start paying a monthly charge, usually around $6 for each business email address. While the cost is not a hard financial hit for most small-business owners, the New York Times reports that many feel a giant company with billions of dollars in profits is squeezing little guys. “It struck me as needlessly petty," one told the Times.


Amazon’s Looming Worker Shortage

Amazon could run out of people to hire in its U.S. warehouses by 2024, according to leaked Amazon internal research from mid-2021 that Recode reviewed. The research provides a rare glimpse into the staffing challenges that Amazon is now facing behind its slick veil of one-click online shopping and same-day Prime delivery.


How the Internet Became a Marketplace

One weekend in September 1995, a young software engineer made a website in his spare time. The idea was simple: a site where people could buy and sell things. The story of the modern web is often told through the stories of Google, Facebook, Amazon. But it was Pierre Omidyar's creation, eBay, that turned the internet into a marketplace, The Guardian reports.


What Federal Data Privacy Legislation Misses

After years of delay and discussion, Congress has released a bipartisan draft bill outlining a comprehensive federal data privacy policy. However, the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act fails to adequately address two major issues: state preemption and a private right of action, Government Technology reports.



The Top Video Marketing Challenges Today 

Video marketers report that it offers the highest ROI of any media format, but those who use it still face challenges with the strategy. The HubSpot Blog Video Marketing Report surveyed 500+ video marketers and asked them about their top challenges. Among them: lack of time to create video content and difficulty creating an effective video strategy.


Twitter Goes Long with Notes 

Twitter this week introduced Notes, which are story-length posts on and off Twitter that can include images, GIFs, embedded Tweets, and videos. Notes can also be edited before and after they are published, TechRadar reports, but they currently lack a number of core Twitter features, including Likes, Retweets, and Replies. 


Slack Adding Video Option to Huddles

Slack’s “huddles” are about to get a Zoom-like upgrade, with the ability to turn on video, screen-share and threaded chat, Protocol reports. It’s been a year since Slack first launched the huddle, an audio-only chat space you can turn on or off in channels and direct messages. Meant to enable casual, ad hoc conversations, huddles became the fastest-adopted feature in Slack’s history.


Microsoft Testing Privacy Auditing Feature  

Microsoft is working on a new feature in Windows 11 that would allow users to see which apps had sensitive device access, Tech.co reports. The new Privacy Auditing feature from Windows 11 is still in testing, so users do not have access to it just yet. 


Why Rural Internet Upgrades Have Fallen Short

The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars on several rounds of programs to upgrade internet speeds in rural areas over the past decade, yet many residents are still stuck with service that isn’t fast enough to do video calls or stream movies, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many communities have been targeted for broadband upgrades at least twice already, but flaws in the programs’ design have left residents wanting.


3D Bridge 

The soon-to-open Randselva Bridge outside of Oslo could be described as unremarkable—except for the fact it was designed and constructed without any two-dimensional drawings. This feat was made possible, Fast Company reports, by a new approach to designing and constructing projects, using one highly detailed digital three-dimensional model.

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