Evolution: Not Just for the Birds

Luke Alessi



April 11, 2014

Ever since Archaeopteryx first fell out of a tree, spread it's feathered "wings", and forgot to hit the ground, it's been obvious that in order to survive on this planet, you need to evolve and adapt. This adaptation to gain the power of flight is a direct metaphor in relation to today's creative industry. New businesses in today's fast-paced economy have adopted this same mantra million of years in the making. Time and time again, we witness the fact that the start-ups who adapt the quickest often never hit the ground.

Much like when Archaeopteryx learned to fall with style, Dwaiter has been evolving steadily over the last 9 years. Ever since Dwaiter emerged on the creative scene as a dawdling but ambitious start-up, the company has been making evolutionary strides to stay relevant and even start shaping parts of the industry it's grown up in. In 2005 Therese Hannigan, a serial entrepreneur in the design space, founded Dwaiter and built the original business services and focus on the extraordinary skills of two former students Ali M. Ali and Miguel Cardona. Back then, the company had a very different look, and a whole different set of evolutionary attributes, or services.

Originally founded as a creative design company that focused on Flash Development and Motion Graphics, the Dwaiter of only 9 years ago was a creature that would have a hard time remaining relevant in today's creative industry. As early as 2008, it became apparent to the bipeds working at Dwaiter that the world was a changing place. New lifeforms called mobile devices had crawled out of the swamps and had brought a whole new era of technology with them.

Dwaiter observed that if it wanted to thrive, it had to adapt to this new industry habitat. Web applications had to be built nimbly now and adhere to all kinds of fun new optimization rules and user groups. Did this new world frighten the creative mammals populating the offices at Dwaiter? A little, maybe. They refused to remain planted to the ground, however, stubborn in the ways of yesteryear, content with extinction. Instead, they took an evolutionary leap upward with the rest of the digital world.

Shedding their focus on motion graphics and cumbersome Flash development, they redefined their set of attributes to include industry-best HTML and CSS web development, along with some revolutionary new UX/UI ideas. The result was a whole new breed of the creative firm. One that remained strategically small, and learned to flourish in the fast-changing digital industry. Over the next few years, Dwaiter kept growing whole new sets of attributes like mobile development, native app development, and experiential UX. All the while, they never lost sight of where they had been, and the phases they grew through.

The place we reside now is a very different jungle than the one we lived in only 5 years ago. The path here, like that of any other young company, was full of its ups and downs, and the journey of evolution was not always a painless one, but we made it, and now we're here to stay.

We have little doubt that the future of our industry will come as quickly and dynamically as the one we operate in now. It promises to be a learning experience, but it also promises to be an exciting transition. Don't be afraid to grow some feathers and test your wings. The next great step forward is waiting, and we can't wait to see you there.

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