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January 28, 2021


Reddit Day Traders' Revolt

Members of the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets over the last three weeks have boosted GameStop shares more than 1,200 percent in defiance of hedge funds and investing norms, Business Insider reports. The Verge says the idea is to punish hedge fund short-sellers, and for “the little guys to pummel Wall Street."


Widgetsmith and the Power of Perseverance

Widgetsmith, an app that allows you to create custom widgets with different colors and fonts, jumped to No. 1 among free downloads in the iOS App Store after the release of iOS 14. As Inc. reports, it's an overnight success story 12 years in the making—the 59th try for an independent developer.


Never Heard of Kuaishou? You’re Not Alone

Kuaishou has more daily active users than Twitter and Snapchat, but many Americans have never heard of the Beijing-based short-form video and livestreaming platform, Protocol reports. That could change. Its Hong Kong stock exchange trading debut is slated for Feb. 5, and Kuaishou could raise more than $6 billion at a $60 billion valuation—which would be one of the largest IPOs in recent years.


America's GPS Vulnerability 

The Global Positioning System, owned and operated by the U.S. government, is incredibly vital—and vulnerable, New York Times contributor Kate Murphy writes. The problem is that GPS signals are incredibly weak, due to the distance they have to travel from space, making them subject to interference and vulnerable to jamming and spoofing. An emergency backup for GPS was mandated in 2018, but it still hasn't happened.


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The Rise of the Hybrid Workweek 

The longer people spend working from home, the more they're embracing the idea of a hybrid post-pandemic workplace, according to Slack's latest Remote Employee Experience Index, which is part of its new Future Forum, provided first to Axios. It found 63 percent like the hybrid working model, 20 percent want to work from home full time, and just 12 percent want to go back to the office five days a week. The hybrid hype is even stronger among younger workers: 82 percent prefer it.


Google Plans a Search Redesign 

Google has revealed plans for an upcoming redesign of its mobile search page that will include larger and bolder text, Mashable reports. The company says other changes include: a "new edge-to-edge results design," "centering content and images against a clean background," and "rounded icons and imagery."


Shutterstock's $75 Million Bet

Leading stock photography company Shutterstock has acquired TurboSquid, a digital media company that sells 3D assets, for $75 million, Fast Company reports. The move is both a talent and an IP acquisition, and it will give Shutterstock’s two million customers access to raw materials for making images from scratch. It’s a bet that the future of photography doesn’t have to involve a camera.


The Latest in Email Marketing Strategy

The team from Uplers shared with Social Media Today its email design trends for 2021. Among them are emotional design and neumorphism.


Brain Activity While Coding Stands Apart

Neuroscientists from MIT have discovered that brain activity while coding differs from processing language or doing mathematics, Developer reports. Coding is often likened to learning a new foreign language—and there are certainly many similarities. To the brain itself, however, it seems to be quite different. 


The Latest Dance Moves

Boston Dynamics' latest video features several of its robots—and their dance moves. Set to the Contours' "Do You Love Me," the choreographed moves "are impressive (if a little bit alarming, and definitely mesmerizing)," Mashable says.

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