Cybersecurity Alarm

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June 15, 2023


A New Wave of Hacker Attacks

Security researchers are sounding the alarm after hackers exploited a newly discovered vulnerability in a popular file-transfer tool to launch a new wave of mass data exfiltration attacks, TechCrunch reports. The vulnerability affects the MOVEit Transfer managed file transfer software, which allows organizations to share large files and datasets over the internet.

The University of Rochester reportedly is among some 2,500 organizations worldwide that have been affected. U.S. cybersecurity agency CISA has urged U.S. organizations to follow the mitigation steps posted by MOVEit developer Progress Software.

For hackers, finding a vulnerability in a popular enterprise system can allow the theft of data from multiple victims. The MOVEit vulnerability follows on other noteworthy attacks this year with some parallels, the Washington Post reports.


TripAdvisor Rival Gains Momentum

German online travel startup GetYourGuide has raised $194 million from investors, hoping to capitalize on higher demand for travel services in the summer, CNBC reports. The investment values the company at nearly $2 billion, up from GetYourGuide’s last publicly disclosed valuation of $1.4 billion.


Can There Be Too Much Content?

Brand-driven content is a key way for marketers to reach consumers, generating awareness and loyalty in the bargain. But how much content is too much? Agencies are starting to ask that question, Digiday reports, due to the growing volume of content and questions about its impact on consumers. 


Mistakes That Can Kill a Landing Page

Designing an effective landing page, a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign, is no easy feat, Renee Fleck writes on Dribbble. She identifies seven mistakes that can make a landing page ineffective or worse. Among them: lack of a clear call to action, information overload, and poor mobile optimization.




"Due to a colleague’s technical error in the Excel list, the result was mixed up.”

Michaela Grubesa, an official with Austria’s Social Democrats, after the party announced the wrong winner in a leadership vote

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