Cloud Chaos

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December 9, 2021


Havoc from the AWS Outage

Amazon Web Services was hit with a historic, hours-long outage on Tuesday, CNBC reports. Popular websites and heavily-used services were knocked offline, underscoring the severity of problems that can arise from having so much economic activity reliant on technology from just a few vendors. AWS, the leading provider of cloud infrastructure technology, controls roughly one-third of the global market.


Sports Reclaim the Trending Search Title

In 2020, "coronavirus" predictably dominated Google's trending search list globally and in the U.S. This year, CNN reports, the top trending global searches were more sports-focused. The Australia vs India Men's World Cup cricket match and India's match against England in the same tournament accounted for the top two trending global searches. The NBA also ranked on the global list—and topped the U.S. trending search list. Politics and finance filled out the top 10 U.S. list.


From Square to Block

The fintech giant Square is changing its name to Block, effective Friday. The name change is intended to house the company’s various products—including music streaming service Tidal, Cash App, TBD, and of course, Square—under one brand, TechCrunch reports. The announcement came just days after Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from his CEO role at Twitter, which he also co-founded.


A Challenging Year for Tech Recruiting

For tech recruiters and tech hiring, 2021 has been a brutal year, Protocol reports. Tech workers are feeling empowered in manifold ways. At the same time, while the rest of the world could barely stay above water financially amid the pandemic, most tech companies absolutely thrived, causing a wave of demand for skilled workers.



Growing a Brand with Content Seeding

Savvy businesses are turning to content seeding, a strategy in which content creators plant a brand's content across various platforms to reach their target audience and attract leads, HubSpot reports. Influencers are a prime choice for content seeding because they usually have large audiences.


Agile Marketing Sometimes Means Saying ‘No’ 

The best agile marketing teams have bigger goals that allow them to work on the right work at the right time, MarTech reports. Saying “no” is really difficult, but it gets much easier when there’s a shared understanding with leaders about what’s important.


Say Goodbye to Phones with Headphone Jacks 

The death of the 3.5mm headphone jack on smartphones has been on the horizon since at least 2016, when Apple had the self-proclaimed “courage” to remove the jack from the iPhone 7. Now it appears that 3.5mm jacks are on the way out on every smartphone, even budget devices, Android Authority reports.


Picking the Right Automation Tools  

There are right ways and wrong ways to do social media automation. Here's what HootSuite says to do, what not to do, and tools to help you along the way. 


Notepad Gets a Redesign

Notepad is one of the most basic apps in Windows, but that’s exactly why so many people still love it: it’s a barebones text editor free of distractions. Microsoft this week announced a redesigned version, currently rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, that includes a dark mode, The Next Web reports. The overall aesthetic is refined too, with translucent elements, and multilevel undo gives users a bit more control over their edits.


Something to Chew On 

A chewing gum laced with a plant-grown protein could serve as a "trap" for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, reducing viral load in saliva and potentially tamping down transmission, Science Daily reports. In experiments using saliva samples from COVID-19 patients, the gum, which contains the ACE2 protein, neutralized the virus, University of Pennsylvania scientists say.

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