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August 18, 2022


Half of Small Firms Are Unprepared for a Cyberattack

A recent survey showed that only half of small businesses are ready to handle a cyberattack, even though the threat of one is a top concern, Security Intelligence reports. The Provident Bank survey also found that over the past 12 months 57 percent of respondents faced at least one digital attack and 27 percent reported more than three incidents.


FTC Eyes Limiting Commercial Surveillance

The fitness tracker on your wrist, the “smart” home appliances in your house and the latest kids’ fad going viral in online videos—all generate a trove of personal data for big tech companies. Now, AP reports, the Federal Trade Commission is looking at drafting rules to crack down on harmful commercial surveillance and lax data security. But, as Grid notes, the rule-making process can take years.


Most Financial Institutions Plan to Use Crypto

Seventy-six percent of the financial institutions surveyed by Ripple said they plan to use crypto within the next three years, if regulations allow for it, The Block reports. The number one reason, for both financial institutions and enterprises, to support cryptocurrencies would be their widespread use for payments.


Maybe Elon Musk’s Tweeting Isn’t Just Crazy 

Elon Musk's Twitter missives have spurred SEC investigations, resulted in defamation suits and unleashed troll mobs. But reports that a new study suggests Musk's attention-grabbing antics have an upside too: University of Texas at Austin researchers found that the more often executives tweeted about their work and skills, the higher the likelihood they would be offered a step-up position at a higher salary.



DAOs Could Alter Sports for Players and Fans 

Several decentralized autonomous organization projects—with millions in their treasuries—have ambitions to one day own a professional sports team. Some are longshots, but others are closer to reality. And if these DAOs succeed, Coindesk reports, they could revolutionize the very nature of what it means to be a fan … or even a player.


Will Foldables Be the New Standard?

Foldable smartphones finally caught some traction with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and, even more so, the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Now, as the next round hits the market, Samsung believes that over the next few years, foldables will become the brand’s most popular premium smartphones, 9to5Google reports.  


A Phisher Fools a Security Reporter

Dan Goodwin, a security reporter for Ars Technica, thought he was too smart to be taken in by a phishing email. Not so. He writes: "The most important defense is remaining humble and not falling into the mindset that we would never get pulled in by a phisher."


Upstarts Draw Exiles from Instagram

Photographers, designers and others turned off by Instagram's pivot to TikTok-like features are taking a look at alternative platforms, Axios reports. Instagram has been de-emphasizing still imagery for years. But more recent changes, such as a focus on shopping and a big increase in the amount of suggested content that appears in users' feeds, has brought a spike in popularity for upstarts like Glass (for photographers of all kinds) and Grainery (for film photographers, specifically).   


Why Regular Website Maintenance Matters

A website showcases a business to potential customers and is the backbone of a brand’s presence online. However, Web Designer Depot says, like a machine with many moving parts, a website requires regular maintenance for optimum performance and security.


Secret Life of Emoji 

Think those emojis your teen is using are harmless? Think again, says the Drug Enforcement Agency, which has published a list of emoji code for drugs. The DEA says teens are using emojis of crystal balls to buy meth and blowfish to buy cocaine, Gizmodo reports. And that maple leaf emoji? It’s not about syrup or Canada. The agency says this is the universal symbol for drugs.

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