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January 19, 2022


Ten Technologies to Watch in 2023

Credit:Ernesto del Aguila III, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH

Every year, the editors of the MIT Technology Review pick the 10 technologies that they believe matter the most right now. This year's list includes the RISC-V open standard chip design, mass-market military drones and CRISPR for high cholesterol.


Microsoft to Cut 10,000 Employees

Microsoft on Wednesday said it is laying off 10,000 employees as it braces for slower revenue growth, CNBC reports. The job cuts at Microsoft follow others announced by Amazon and other tech giants.


FTC Proposes Banning Noncompete Clauses

The Federal Trade Commission last week proposed a rule that would ban the practice of forcing workers to sign noncompete clauses. Recode reports that a 2014 survey of economists found nearly 20 percent of workers have noncompete clauses in their contracts, and experts say the number is more likely 50 percent for people in high-skilled and high-tech jobs.


Mailchimp Gets Hacked Again 

Email marketing and newsletter giant Mailchimp says it was hacked for the second time in the last six months, TechCrunch reports. Mailchimp says its investigation to date suggests this targeted incident has been limited to 133 Mailchimp accounts.



Climate Change Hikes Risk of Internet Outages 

A changing climate threatens the services that keep businesses and individuals online, CNET reports. Data centers, which need lots of energy for their servers and air conditioning and often water to cool the servers, are at risk as power outages and water shortages spread.


Investment in Video Game Industry Grows

Deal-making in the video game industry reached $127 billion last year, across more than 1,250 investments, acquisitions and mergers, Axios reports, citing new research by Drake Star Partners. Both tallies were up from 2021, demonstrating continued, intense financial interest in the sector. 


The Importance of Good Research Design

To collect accurate and reliable data to draw valid conclusions, good research design is essential. HubSpot outlines the key features of the four common types of research design with real-life examples from UnderArmor, Carmex, and other firms.


When to Post on Social Media Now

Want to post at the best times to generate more traffic and engagement? The team at Giraffe Social Media shared their tips for six social networks—Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok—in an infographic provided to Social Media Today.


Apple Unveils New HomePod Speaker

Apple announced its second-generation HomePod on Wednesday, almost two years after it discontinued the first HomePod, CNet reports. The new version is a full-size smart speaker with improved acoustics and new smart-home capabilities.


Going, Going, Flown 

A neon Twitter bird for $35,000, anyone? Now led by mercurial billionaire Elon Musk, Twitter is auctioning off memorabilia and fancy office furniture to signal that cost cutting is a priority, AP reports. Besides the neon bird, the items include a plain Twitter bird statue (listed at over $30,000) and a planter sculpture of the “@” symbol.

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