Ambivalent About AI

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November 18, 2021


Americans of Two Minds About Artificial Intelligence

Pexels image by Alex Knight

A new poll about attitudes toward artificial intelligence shows mixed views on the technology, Axios reports. Americans fear the effect AI will have on employment, politics and privacy, but also believe it should play a bigger role in technology, manufacturing and more.


Saleforce Founder Believes in

Is there any point in launching a search engine in 2021? Yes, says Salesforce founder Marc Benioff. He thinks it's time for a "next-generation search engine platform," which is why he is backing, Protocol reports.


Binance: Crypto’s Wild West Needs a Sheriff

The cryptocurrency market is likened to the Wild West by critics, and now a key player is asking for sheriffs to come to town, AP reports. Binance, the world’s largest exchange for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says it’s time for global regulators to establish rules for crypto markets.


These 'Security' Practices Are Basically Worthless

Many security and privacy practices are things learned second- or third-hand—call them "cyber folk medicine." Some are harmless; others give you a false sense of protection while actively weakening your privacy and security. Ars Technica compiled a list of some of the least-valuable security commandments. No. 1: Thou shalt change thy password every 30 days.



Apple Finally Says You Can Repair Your Own iPhone

Once dubbed “one of right-to-repair’s most powerful villains,” Apple this week said that it will begin accommodating DIY repairs by selling customers the parts and tools they need to repair their iPhones and Macs at home. The program is expected to roll out in the U.S. early next year, Gizmodo reports.


Facebook Thinks It Knows You Better Than You Do 

In at least two separate experiments, Facebook has explored what happens when it turns off its controversial news feed ranking system, the Washington Post reports. Internal documents suggest that Facebook’s defense of algorithmic rankings stems not only from its business interests, but from a paternalistic conviction, backed by data, that its sophisticated personalization software knows what users want better than the users themselves.

7_MARKETING Pays $700M for Naming Rights 

The Staples Center in Los Angeles will be renamed Arena on Dec. 25 as part of a 20-year naming rights deal between the cryptocurrency platform and AEG, the arena's owner, Marketing Dive reports. Singapore-based paid $700 million for the rights. It’s another sign that cryptocurrency platforms are seeking greater legitimacy and broader consumer appeal.


A Harmful Design Myth  

Consistency can be a great thing if it makes a design more usable. But if you don’t know what you want a design to be consistent with—and why—then consistency risks confusing your users, Duncan Stephen writes on UX Collective. Better to focus on utility and usability.


A New Media Player Debuts

Microsoft is replacing its aging Windows Media Player and Groove Music app, The Next Wave reports. The company this week began to roll out the new simply named Media Player to Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev Channel. Users’ library and playlists will automatically be transferred from the old apps.


Start Me Up, Spot 

A new and unique version of “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones has been filmed to celebrate 40 years since the release of the band's “Tattoo You” album, the BBC reports. The video features a robot dog named Spot who moves just like Mick Jagger.

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