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David Boselli



September 30, 2016

A Streamlined Solution

If you’re starting a new business and you need a website, or even if you are looking to update your existing website, you are in a good position to improve your online presence. In general, websites take a significant amount of planning, design, and development to properly build. However, we have refined our process to provide a cost-effective solution with all of the core features and functionality your business needs to build a better relationship with your customers and position your business for long-term success.

Dynamic Content

Today, most websites are dynamic, meaning they incorporate content management systems (CMS) that update and organize web content seamlessly. Most also include blogs, newsletter signups, contact forms, custom design, search optimization, and mobile-friendliness. Our experience, technical skills, and broad product knowledge enable us to streamline our process to meet your budget level and provide a solution that can include all of these features and more.

Content Management System
A screenshot of how you can customize the SEO Settings of every page using our content management system.

Search engine optimized - We give search engines everything they love: clean, semantic code; super-fast page loads; and mobile-friendliness.

Meta titles and descriptions for SEO - Customize your pages' meta titles and descriptions

Open graph settings - You can improve your content's performance on social media by defining your page's Open Graph title, description, and image.

Google Analytics integration - Easily integrated with Google Analytics so you can track how people get to your site, what they do once they get there, and so much more

MailChimp Integration - MailChimp integration lets you automatically build your email subscription list.

Hosting - 99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

We give you a staging site to avoid launching unapproved content so that you can publish with confidence.

Optimizing for mobile

Your business needs a website that meets the needs of customers on all screens, from desktop displays to handheld devices, and in all moments that matter. The overall user experience of your website is so critical that Google has altered their mobile search result algorithms to reward those sites that have taken the time to become mobile-friendly. Beyond basic setup and configuration, a great mobile user experience has three parts: layout, content & speed. Our streamlined solution follows these core principles of responsive design to deliver a consistent, optimized experience on your site with flexible breakpoints to allow for easy expansion across new platforms and devices.

Test your site here: Google's Mobile Friendly Test.

Getting a Return on Your Investment

Even if you have an existing website, we can leverage that experience and create a website that will be much more effective at meeting your business goals. We work directly with you to understand these goals and establish a strategy that will provide the best overall value for your new website. Our focus is to effectively communicate your message to the right target audience and provide an optimal experience for your users. A better user experience will help your website earn its keep by attracting new visitors, increasing client retention, and improving conversion rates.

Your Website Launched, Now What?

Now that you have the tools to add quality content on a regular basis, utilize basic SEO techniques, share on social media, and measure the traffic coming to your new site, it’s important to invest time and resources to analyze and tweak your content and layout. Taking an iterative approach to continually improve your site through analytics will ensure a maximum return on your investment. We recommend continuing to work with us to maintain your site and identify new opportunities for your business to grow.

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