A Singular Bug

Dwaiter Weekly


June 10, 2021


What Triggered the Mass Internet Outage

An internet blackout that knocked out some of the world’s biggest websites on Tuesday was caused by a single customer updating their settings, The Guardian reports. A bug in infrastructure provider Fastly’s code introduced in mid-May had lain dormant until Tuesday morning. When the unnamed customer updated their settings, it triggered the flaw, which ultimately took down 85 percent of the company’s network. (Here’s more on why so many sites went down.)


Is a Productivity Surge Coming?

U.S. labor productivity increased by 5.4 percent in the first quarter—much higher than the average of only 1.3 percent since 2006. The MIT Technology Review says there’s reason to believe we’re on the verge of a productivity surge that will match or surpass the boom times of the 1990s, thanks to “an astonishing cluster of technology breakthroughs” and the pandemic, which has squeezed a decade’s worth of digital innovation in areas like remote work into less than a year.


Hybrid Work Heightens Cybersecurity Risk

The hybrid workplace is a constantly changing mix of office and remote workers, devices that move in and out of the company networks, and security staffs stretched thin. It’s made to order for hackers, the Wall Street Journal reports.


A Digital Honeypot for Organized Crime

New court records detail how the FBI turned encrypted phone company Anom into a honeypot for organized crime, Vice reports. For years the FBI secretly ran the encrypted communications app used by organized crime in order to surreptitiously collect its users' messages and monitor criminals' activity on a massive scale. This week, hundreds of arrests resulted.



Who Says Bitcoin Is Untraceable?

When Bitcoin burst onto the scene in 2009, fans heralded the cryptocurrency as a secure, decentralized and anonymous way to conduct transactions outside the traditional financial system. But the FBI's recovery of Bitcoins paid in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack showed cryptocurrencies are not as hard to track as it might seem, the New York Times reports.


How Small Businesses Can Tap TikTok 

TikTok is now on track to surpass a billion users in 2021, Social Media Today reports, which would put it on par with Instagram for reach, so many small businesses are trying to figure out how to use the platform to boost their online presence and connect with potential customers. An infographic from ZenBusiness offers a overview of the key elements needed to build a brand presence on the platform.


A CEO’s Lessons from the Pandemic 

With the end of the pandemic possibly in sight, startup founder and CEO Rami Essaid writes on The Next Web that COVID-19 has driven home several enduring lessons on how his company should be run well into the future.


Does HTML Need a Reset?

HTML is one of the foundational building blocks of the Web. But as HTML has evolved, some of its older markup has been deprecated while other parts have been repurposed, Web Designer Depot reports. Does that create more problems than it solves? Would we be better off starting over?


Finally, FaceTime for Android and Windows

Android and Windows users soon will be able to join their iPhone-wielding friends on FaceTime calls, CNet reports. Apple revealed the news at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. To schedule or start a FaceTime call, you'll still need to have an Apple device and an Apple account.


For the Birds

A new antenna on the International Space Station and receptors on the Argos satellite, plus the shrinking size of tracking chips and batteries, are allowing scientists to remotely monitor songbird movements in much greater detail than ever before, AP reports. A tiny metal backpack with an antenna worn by a bird can give precise locations, within about 30 feet, versus 125 miles for previous generations of tags. "We’re in a sort of golden age for bird research,” says Adriaan Dokter, an ecologist at Cornell University.

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