A Second Shot

Dwaiter Weekly


December 23, 2020


Stimulus Deal Revives Small Businesses Loans

The pandemic-related stimulus package negotiated in Congress includes $285 billion for a renewed Paycheck Protection Program. And it allows hard-hit companies to get a second loan, the New York Times reports. While details are still emerging, the new bill would also expand the list of expenses that a loan could be used to pay, which previously was limited mostly to payroll, rent and utilities.


Competing on Privacy

Californians in November approved Proposition 24, a ballot measure that gives individuals the right to opt out of the sharing and sale of their personal information, while requiring companies to “reasonably” minimize data collection to protect user privacy. By not only meeting the demands of these new regulations but exceeding them, companies have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors, TechCrunch writes.


Bay Area Incubator Eyes Expansion

Life sciences incubator San Jose BioCube sees plenty of growth opportunities in the Bay Area and is eying additional expansion, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The incubator might cast its net beyond the pool of life sciences startups to include clean energy, green energy and green tech. The BioCube website was developed by Dwaiter with its brand partner in Silicon Valley, Jane Lalonde, founder and creative director of Match CMO.


What’s Ahead for UI Design

What will 2021 bring in user interface design trends? Expect more 3D, more vivid color and "glassmorphism," the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on an effect called background blur, Diana Malewicz writes on UX Collective.


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Why the Latest Hack Worries Experts

The suspected Russian hack that compromised parts of the U.S. government was executed with a scope and sophistication that has surprised even veteran security experts and exposed a potentially critical vulnerability in technology infrastructure, reports the Wall Street Journal.


The Empathy-Innovation Link

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella thinks empathy is one of the key sources of innovation. So does Jacob Andreou, VP of Product at Snap, who has said: "“Empathy is the key to the future of marketing and business as a whole." The Next Web examines how empathy and innovation are linked.


When Algorithms Behave Badly

Computers are being asked to make more and more weighty decisions, even as their performance reviews are troubling. It's been proven again and again that formulas inherit the biases of their creators, The Markup reports. An algorithm is only as good as the data and principles that train it.


Learning from How Prezi Uses Prezi

Whether you use the 11-year-old presentation software company's product or a rival's, the way Prezi thinks about building a presentation might help you improve how you deliver your ideas, Protocol reports. What drives Prezi's internal use of its own products is less about specific hacks or shortcuts and more about how it gets the entire company to communicate in a way that grabs and keeps people's attention.


The Year of Streaming

Streaming, once an isolated activity, became one of the only forms of connection we had during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, The Verge reports. By the end of 2020, nearly every major company with a streaming service was peddling the same line to investors: streaming isn’t just a way to jump on a moment; it’s the future of the businesses.


AI Needs Sleep Too

Your future toaster might need a nap from time to time, as may your car, fridge and anything else that is revolutionized with the advent of practical artificial intelligence technologies, Scientific American reports. Researchers have found that AI networks become unstable after continuous periods of learning, even spontaneously generating images that are analogous to hallucinations. But when the networks were given a “nap,” stability was restored.

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