A Hack-Free Vote

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November 5, 2020


No Election Day Cyberattacks, Officials Say

Two federal agencies say they didn't detect any cyberattacks Tuesday, but concerns remain over attempts to undermine the process in the coming days, CNet reports. And social media companies faced the prospect of a post-election wave of misinformation, the New York Times reports.


Tech Stocks Help Propel Post-Election Rally

Stocks jumped on Wednesday—the tech-centric Nasdaq closed up 3.8 percent, outpacing the S&P and Dow's gains—with the presidential race still up in the air, Axios reports. Tech companies that helped propel stocks back to record highs are leading the market as full results from the 2020 election remain unknown.


Airbab Set to Move Forward with IPO

Airbnb Inc. plans to make its IPO registration public next week, putting it on course for a New York stock market debut in December even as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, sources told Reuters. The company’s planned debut on the Nasdaq would be one of the largest stock market listings of 2020.


How Trump Has Changed the Internet

The outcome of Tuesday's presidential election may still be in doubt, but The Atlantic says this much is clear: President Donald Trump has changed life online—for better and for worse. "The internet is a fundamentally different place from what it was in 2016, and using it the way many people do, the president’s influence is undeniable," the magazine says.


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California Rejects Gig Economy Reform

In a victory for companies like Uber and Lyft, California will classify ride-hailing drivers as independent contractors, Recode reports. That means those companies will effectively be exempted from a California law that would have pushed such drivers to be classified as employees.


How Voting Machines Actually Work

The process of counting votes relies on machines that vary a great deal from state to state and even from county to county. "Doing it right means having genuinely auditable technology—with ballots where the average voter knows that the marks they made on their ballot express their real intent,” computer scientist Douglas Jones told Scientific American.


Wireless Firms Pitch 5G Deals to Small Businesses

Verizon is the latest carrier to offer unlimited 5G plans specifically for small businesses, Inc. reports. The courting of small businesses is timely. Given the accelerated digital transition fueled by the pandemic, small businesses forced to work virtually likely also want to invest in faster internet speeds.


Predicting the Top 10 Trends for 2021

Talkwalker recently partnered with HubSpot to interview 70 global experts and frontline professionals on their thoughts and predictions for the year ahead in social media. The No. 1 prediction, reports Social Media Today: Audiences will be more socially conscious.


How an Amateur Fixed Gmail's New Logo

When Google released a new suite of icons last month for its popular apps including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, users complained that the icons matched so much, you couldn’t tell them apart. So, Evan Blass, who is not a professional designer (he publishes photos of leaked phones for a living), decided to rebuild the Gmail logo in a way that makes more sense, Fast Company reports.


Election-Free Zone

What is America doing online while awaiting the outcome of the presidential election? It appears many people are distracting themselves, the Washington Post reports. On TikTok, many have moved on to Christmas. The hashtag #holidaytiktok has racked up more than 1.8 billion views, while #holiday has more than 2.9 billion. And on YouTube, a video about the superiority of hexagons to other shapes has become the third highest trending video.

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