The New Edge Arrives


Microsoft Goes with Chromium

Microsoft has started rolling out its new Edge browser, ZDNet reports. The company has replaced its decades-old Trident web rendering engine with one based on the Chromium open source project managed by Google. How will Google respond?


Silicon Valley’s Venture Capital Dominance Slips


Last year, Silicon Valley's proportion of overall U.S. venture capital investment fell to the lowest point since 2013, but it still leads by a wide margin, Axios reports. The Bay Area had around 50 percent of the country's total in 2019, down from 62.3 percent in 2018. By contrast, the Great Lakes region accounted for only 4.2 percent.


Mozilla Searches for New Revenue

Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser, has laid off about 70 of its 1,000 employees worldwide, according to an internal memo obtained by TechCrunch. Interim CEO Mitchell Baker cited the slow rollout of the organization’s new revenue-generating products as the reason for why it needed to take this action.


The NSA Finds a Windows Security Flaw


The National Security Agency announced Tuesday that it had found a “critical vulnerability” in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, the Los Angeles Times reports. The NSA recognized “the severity of the vulnerability” and disclosed it to Microsoft, which released a patch the same day.


The Case for Repurposing Content 


More than half of all Americans have listened to at least one podcast. Is it time to start tapping your content for podcast material? HubSpot looks at when and how to do it.


Gamer, Esports Athlete, Social Media Influencer

Turner Tenney, known to his fans as Tfue, is the most watched gamer and entertainer on the streaming platform Twitch, the Washington Post reports. Followers tune in regularly for both his skill level and brash attitude, marking him as one of the chief personalities riding the growing popularity of live-streamed video game entertainment.


Is Influencer Marketing a Big Waste?


Much of the last decade was marked by the obsessive and reckless adoption of social media influencers as a marketing tactic, Kevin Twomey writes on AdAge. He says it’s time for marketing professionals to stop chasing vanity metrics and unproven tactics, and return to the fundamentals of marketing and advertising.


The Most In-Demand Programming Skills

A new analysis of data from Burning Glass, an analytics software company providing real-time data on job trends, highlights the most in-demand programming skills looked for by employers now, reports Developer Tech. No. 1 is SQL, followed by Java.


Some Basic Things Alexa Still Can't Do

Amazon's digital assistant got several new advancements last year, but there are several surprising functions that Alexa still doesn't have, CNet reports. It compiled a list of seven simple commands that Alexa still can't do on your Amazon Echo. Among them: call 911 and perform multiple functions with one command.


Look Smart


Looks like smart contact lenses have moved from fiction to reality. Mojo Vision is developing lenses that can display statistics like health tracking and other data feeds using augmented reality, the BBC reports. The lenses project light in front of the user’s eye—so data can be seen even when the user’s eyes are shut.