The Fight Over .Org


Who Will Own the Nonprofit Domain?

A private equity firm wants to buy the internet domain used by nonprofits. The deal has been met with a fierce backlash, and now a group of respected internet pioneers and nonprofit leaders is offering an alternative: a nonprofit cooperative corporation, the New York Times reports.


Streaming Service Quibi Reveals Details


Quibi, the streaming service led by Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg, will launch on April 6, with an ad-supported option for $4.99 per month and an ad-free service for $7.99 per month, CNBC reports. A slew of celebrities have signed on to produce programs for Quibi, which plans to introduce more than 175 original shows and 8,500 short episodes in the 12 months following its launch.


How Iran Might Hack Us

From data-destroying wipers to industrial control system hacking, Iran has a potent arsenal of cyberattacks at its disposal, Wired reports. The most likely form of cyberattack to expect from Iran is the one it has launched repeatedly against its neighbors: wiper malware designed to destroy as many computers as possible inside target networks.


Facebook Says It's Banning Deepfake Videos 


Facebook this week announced it would ban “deepfakes,” which are AI-manipulated videos that distort reality, often simulating real people in fake situations. But edited or clipped videos still might be allowed, reports Recode.


Jeb Bush and Bill Gates Back a Startup


Evolv Technology, a Mass.-based developer of weapons screening systems for large crowds, has raised $30 million in Series C funding from such backers as Jeb Bush and Bill Gates, Axios reports. Evolv, an alternative to traditional "one-person-at-a-time" metal detectors, is able to simultaneously screen large flows of people. 


Mailchimp Claims 60% Market Share

In Mailchimp's first annual report since 2016, the email platform turned all-in-one marketing platform claims a 60.5 percent share of the email industry, supporting over 12 million customers. Its closest competitor comes in at only 9.5 percent, Marketing Land reports.


The Open-Source Schism


Developers are protesting after revelations that the source-code repository GitHub contracted with ICE. But if you restrict access to open-source code, The Atlantic asks, is it still open?


A Major Union Aims to Organize Tech Workers

Despite an upswing in labor activism, no major video game studio employees and only a handful at tech offices have formally voted to form or join a union, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Campaign to Organize Digital Employees or CODE, a new project of the Communications Workers of America, aims to change that.


The Trends Shaping Logo Design

Thinking about redesigning your logo in 2020? Social Media Today looks at the 10 logo design trends compiled by Logaster. They include simplification, unusual fonts and gradients.


More Weird Tech


Once again, the annual CES extravaganza in Las Vegas has served up a large slice of weird technology, Digital Trends reports. Among this year's stand-outs: a raclette robot that scrapes a wheel of cheese, a toilet paper delivery bot, and a circular phone.