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Why California's New Privacy Law Matters

Californians now can find out what data certain companies have collected about them, and even ask for it to be deleted, under the new California Consumer Privacy Act that took effect Jan. 1. The law will have national repercussions, Axios reports.


The Last Decade’s Most-Influential Technologies


There was no iconic new product of the 2010s, yet so much in technology has changed, writes Washington Post columnist Geoffrey Fowler. He compiled a list of the 10 most-influential technologies that arrived on the scene in the last 10 years.


A Brighter Future?

What’s coming in technology over the next few years might be a lot better than you expect, New York Times contributing writer Kara Swisher believes. Among her predictions: More investment in tech that addresses climate change and automation for good.


Exploring an Absurd Question 


Are we living in a computer simulation? The question seems absurd, yet there are plenty of smart people who are convinced that this is not only possible but perhaps likely. Vox interviewed Rizwan Virk, a computer scientist and video game designer who has just released a new book, “The Simulation Hypothesis,” that explores this idea.


A Delete-Now App List


The average smartphone user taps 30 different apps a month and nine different apps a day. Fast Company thinks it's time to get privacy-invasive, depression-causing, money-sucking apps off your phone for good. So, it drew up a handy list of apps to delete now. 


From Innovation Icon to Boring Device

Are smartphones a lot less impressive when they’re everywhere? Vice explains how the smartphone went from innovation icon to just another device.


Expert Tips on Managing Email Lists


At the start of a new decade, Marketing Land says, email continues to thrive as an essential method of communication. So, it asked email marketers to share their advice for nurturing subscribers and security tips to protect email marketing lists.


Why Toy Making Is Not Child's Play

Most parents go about their holiday shopping without considering the creativity that goes into developing toys. But as a trio of Ryerson University researchers explain on The Conversation, toy innovation is serious business, backed by science and carried out by a range of passionate experts.


How to Limit Smartphone Surveillance

When your smartphone shares your location with app companies, there’s no way to delete that information or get it back. Your best bet, the New York Times reports, is to avoid sharing your location in the first place. It explains how.


Horseradish Couture


Innovative fashion designers are embracing sustainable clothing, Fortune reports. The British design duo behind Vin + Omi, a brand worn by Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga, grows a range of crops and plants for textile development, including chestnuts and horseradish. Its latest collection features garments made from nettles, alpaca fleece, and recycled plastic from paint tubes.