Looking Ahead


Ideas for the Next Decade

Fortune asked 25 of the sharpest minds in business and technology to weigh in on the "epic, disruptive, thrilling, terrifying, and fascinating ideas" that will shape the next decade. On the eve of a new decade, the magazine's editors say, "it’s hard to think of an industry that doesn’t feel like it’s on the brink of a massive transformation."


Tech News to Expect in 2020


From new gaming consoles to activism at Apple, The Guardian predicts the things you will—or won’t—read about in tech next year.


Tech Titans Agree on Smart Home Standards

Google, Amazon, and Apple have joined forces to create a new standard for communicating with smart home devices, Recode reports. The Connected Home over IP project, moderated by internet of things standards consortium Zigbee Alliance, will be free for anyone to use.


Windows 7 Support Is (Sort of) Ending 


After Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide free security updates and bug fixes for the venerable Windows 7 operating system to the general public, ZDNet reports. Those updates will be available, however, to Microsoft customers who are willing to pay for the privilege. The Windows 7 Extended Security Update program runs for an additional three years, through January 2023.


Does the F-Pattern Still Matter?


The F-pattern, the term used for a general reading pattern whereby certain parts of a page are read in full (usually at the top and somewhere in the middle), is a web design guideline that’s persisted for years. But with mobile-first design practices, is it still relevant today? Web Designer Depot explores that question. 


The Trump Campaign Is Using a Location-Tracking Tech Firm

President Donald Trump’s reelection effort has retained the services of Phunware, a technology company that specializes in the mass collection of smartphone location data, which can be used to track voters for political targeting purposes, The Intercept reports.


Apple News+? Publishers Aren't Impressed


Nine months after the launch of Apple News+ it is clear the latest platform initiative is not a cure-all for publishers’ business model issues, Digiday reports. The early results indicate that Apple’s move to offer a paid subscription service for news is having little impact on the publishers' bottom lines.


The Decade in Memes

In the 2010s, memes became something for everyone. BuzzFeed compiled a list of the 100 top memes of the decade, based on the overall popularity of the meme, its longevity, and historical importance—what kind of impact it had on other memes and internet culture.


Forgot a Password? You're Not Alone

In its “Password Usage Study,” HYPR found that 78 percent of full-time workers across the U.S. and Canada required a reset of a forgotten personal password at some point in the last three months, Security Intelligence reports. The rate was slightly lower for work-related resets at 57 percent of respondents. Many users are suffering from password overload, HYPR says.


An Even Bigger Password Headache


Some 38,000 Justus Liebig University students in Germany were asked to queue in person for a new email password, after their school was hit by a cyberattack, the BBC reports. The Dec. 8 attack took the entire university offline. They were asked to provide proof of identity in person because of "legal requirements."