Gutenberg Lessons


Most Internet Predictions Are Probably Wrong

More has been written about what the internet may yet have in store for us than about the wide-ranging effects of the printing press. But, as Cullen Murphy writes in The Atlantic, the example of Gutenberg’s invention suggests that when it comes to those who make predictions about the internet, the judgment of history is not likely to be: They got it right.


The Gadgets of the Decade


The story of technology in the 2010s is a tale of gadgets going from the corners of our lives to everywhere all the time. The Verge has compiled a list of the 100 gadgets that made a difference and defined the 2010s.


Reports of the PC’s Death Were Premature

Over the last decade, many smart people have predicted the "death" of the personal computer. And yet while shipments have declined, some 250 million still are sold annually. TechSpot examines why the PC has outlived predictions of its demise.


LogMeIn Will Be Sold for $4.3 Billion 


LogMeIn this week said it has agreed to be sold for $4.3 billion to affiliates of Francisco Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital Corp., the private equity affiliate of Elliott Management Corp. The purchase price comes out to $86.05 per share in an all-cash deal, TechCrunch reports.


How Ring Went from Startup to Scary


Amazon's Ring has humble roots as a smart doorbell company called "DoorBot." But as Vice reports, it has built a surveillance network around the country with the help of dozens of taxpayer-funded camera discount programs and more than 600 police partnerships.


Email Is Old Tech—and Still Essential

In a new survey conducted by Twilio SendGrid, 95 percent of Gen Z and Millennial respondents said their personal email is essential to their daily lives, Marketing Land reports. Across all age groups in the U.S. and the U.K., 84 percent of respondents said they check their email at least once a day, with most doing so numerous times daily.


What’s Ahead for Graphic Design


Compelling design can drive growth. To stay on top of what’s happening in the design world, Bannersnack annually compiles a list of the top design trends.


What Marketers Say to Watch for in 2020

What are the latest data and social media trends? To find out, Hootsuite interviewed more than 3,000 marketers and dozens of industry specialists. The top five social media trends for 2020 include: brands striking a balance between public and private engagement, and the collision of social marketing and performance marketing.


LinkedIn: These Jobs Are on the Rise

Engineering-related jobs top LinkedIn's latest list of professions with highest growth rates, reports. In fact, more than half of the top 15 emerging jobs in the United States are tied to engineering. Leading the LinkedIn list is artificial intelligence specialist, followed by robotics engineer.


YouTube Prodigy


An 8-year-old boy who reviews toys once again has been named as the highest-earning YouTuber. Ryan Kaji, of Ryan's World, earned $26 million in 2019, up from $22 million in 2018, according to an annual top 10 ranking by Forbes. Ryan's World has 23 million subscribers.