On the Tech Horizon


What Are the Top 10 Emerging Technologies?

One day soon you may be able to virtually teleport to a distant site. Also on the near horizon: humanoid (and animaloid) robots designed to socialize with people; minuscule lenses that will make possible diminutive cameras and other devices; and DNA-based data-storage systems that will reliably stow ginormous amounts of information. All are on Scientific American’s new list of the top 10 emerging technologies of 2019.


Home Depot’s Digital Transformation Is Going Slowly


Home Depot last year outlined an ambitious strategy to meld its supply chain, digital footprint and physical store experience, with analytics and data as the glue of this digital transformation. But, ZDNet reports, the company now says its One Home Depot digital transformation project is delivering returns slower than expected and will cut into sales growth.


Firefox Stakes Its Revival on Privacy

Google’s Chrome dominates the browser market. However, nonprofit Mozilla is staking a comeback for its Firefox browser on its dedication to privacy, The Guardian reports.


Who Will Really Like Uber Works 


With the launch of Uber Works, the company best known for its ride-hailing platform is branching out into shift work, Shainaz Firfiray writes on The Conversation. The new app may well help businesses reduce their scheduling problems and address seasonal work shortages, but whether it will improve the experience of workers is less clear.


Ride-Hailing Startup Juno Shuts Down


Juno, an upstart ride-hailing company in New York City, is shutting down as part of a new partnership between parent company Gett and Lyft, Axios reports. Gett's corporate customers will now be able to book rides via Lyft in the U.S., and some Belarus-based employees are joining Lyft. 


The Most-Viewed Fake News on Facebook

So far in 2019, the top 100 fake news stories on Facebook have been viewed over 150 million times — "enough to reach every registered voter at least once," according to Avaaz, a non-profit that authored a new study, Business Insider reports. The two most-viewed fake-news stories so far this year: "Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK" and "Nancy Pelosi diverting Social Security money for the impeachment inquiry."


How Cloud Computing Will Change in 2020


Forrester has released a report detailing five cloud computing predictions for 2020, Tech Republic reports. The predictions reveal the growing battle for cloud computing dominance, with major cloud vendors evolving and shifting tactics.


Empathizing with End-Users

Senior designers or managers often say "put yourself in the shoes of the user" or "make it so intuitive your grandma could use this" … but this advice can be confusing without any clear and actionable steps. Writing on UX Planet, Justin Pybus says designers first must understand the difference between empathy and sympathy, and then learn to empathize through research.


In Data Journalism, Tech Does Not Matter Most

Ben Casselman, New York Times economics reporter, uses a programming language called R and works with vast data sets. But he says interviews still make for the best stories. 


Was It ‘Password’?


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley sent confidential material over a network reserved only for unclassified material, the Daily Beast reports. Why? Because she forgot her password for classified communications. The event happened in 2017, as she and her staff scrambled to draft a statement responding to North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting Alaska.