Xerox + HP?


A Tech Takeover Offer

HP Inc. confirmed Wednesday it has held talks with Xerox Holdings Corp. over a “potential business combination,” the Washington Post reports. HP said received a proposal from Xerox on Tuesday. CNBC reports that Xerox has offered HP $22 a share in a deal that would give HP shareholders ownership of slightly less than half of the company.


How to Know If Your Company Is an Innovator

Most businesses understand the importance of innovation for financial success. Yet only 17 percent of organizations qualify as innovation leaders, according to research conducted by Mastercard and the Harvard Business Review. The study identified five common traits that distinguish innovation leaders from everyone else, Fortune reports. Among them: speed to action and data-driven decision making.


Would Instagram's Founder Sell to Facebook Again?


Kevin Systrom cofounded Instagram in 2010, and the company was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion two years later. This week, Business Insider reports, he was asked whether he'd go through with the acquisition again. "When someone comes and offers you a billion dollars for 11 people, what do you say?" Systrom responded.


These Local News Sites Are Hugely Popular … and Fake 


The Albany Daily News grabbed nearly 10 million pageviews in August, roughly five times that of the 160-year-old Albany Times Union newspaper. BuzzFeed says the most popular news site in Albany has a simple secret to success: Fake just about everything and rake in the advertising dollars. The Albany Daily News is part of a digital ad fraud scheme, according to new research from Social Puncher, an ad fraud prevention consultancy.


As TikTok Soars, Critics Take Aim


As TikTok's popularity surges, the Chinese-owned karaoke app is facing rapidly rising headwinds from critics who say it is a threat to individual users' privacy as well as a geopolitical stalking horse for Chinese interests, Axios reports. Among 13- to 16-year-olds, TikTok now more popular than Facebook. 


A User-Friendly Disclosure Guide for Influencers

The Federal Trade Commission has tried for years now to patrol the wild west of influencer marketing. Now, it’s trying a different tack, Ad Age reports. On Tuesday, the FTC came out with a new ad disclosure guide for influencers that outlines when and how influencers should disclose their partnerships with brands. "Influencer marketing is too widespread for law enforcement alone," the FTC says.


Software Design Decisions Led to Uber’s Deadly Crash


Radar in Uber's self-driving vehicle detected pedestrian Elaine Herzberg more than five seconds before the SUV crashed into her, according to a new report from the National Safety Transportation Board. Unfortunately, Ars Technica reports, a series of poor software design decisions prevented the software from taking any action until 0.2 seconds before the deadly crash.


Putting Photoshop Inside Your Phone Camera

The Adobe Photoshop Camera app, which launched though an invite-based preview program this week, is the culmination of Adobe’s efforts to bring its Sensei AI services to a consumer product, Fast Company reports. It’s part of a broader attempt to expand the company’s software beyond the realm of creative professionals.


The Best 2-in-1 PCs Today

Two-in-ones—also also known as convertible laptops—continue to grow in popularity, and PC makers are meeting the demand with a growing number of models at different specs, sizes and prices. CNet's top picks for 2019 include both convertible laptops and detachable two-in-ones.


Building an Insta-house


When Kate Rumson, an Instagram influencer who runs a curated collection of photos of beautiful homes and interior design, decided to build a new house last year, she let her fans decide everything from the type of roof shingles to major structural designs, the BBC reports. She describes the project as “a crowdsourced home created by two million people.”